Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Em"barking" on a new adventure!

I know my title is a little cheesy, but it was that or "ruffing" it round here!
Yes, we have become a dog family. We found this little guy a few weeks ago on a site that has animals up for adoption. The organization that he came from is one that uses foster homes for pets instead of running an actual shelter. They are non-profit and they rescue animals from other high kill shelters.

We have named him Jazz and the name fits. Though he is a puppy and can be very playful now that he is getting used to us, he still has a very laid back temperament. He has done really well with house training with only a few mishaps here and there. And he does great at night only whining for a few minutes after being put in his kennel for bed.

Anyone that knows Karina knows that she is more then excited! She wakes up every morning and ask to play with the puppy. I am glad that we decided to get a dog right now so that she can grow up with him and we as a family can get used to an animal in the house before and if we get pregnant again.

He seems to have taken to us quite well and I know he will bring loads of fun in the days to come. I can tell that Jeff is really enjoying him too. I also think he will encourage us to exercise as a family. We have already decided to walk him every day even though I know that plan will fail at times. :) He is a retriever mix so he might end up walking us at some point.

I hope everyone is having fun times too in this new year and who knows what else God has in store for us all. But praise be to Him who has planned all our days before there was one of them. Happy Wednesday!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Ringing in 2010!

Praise the Lord for another year! I am so very blessed, and undeserving, to be here and have the precious family that I do. We had a lovely and quiet New Year's Eve. I made a yummy dinner and after celebrating early with our little lady we put her to bed and had a very relaxing evening watching a movie. After watching the ball drop and toasting to the New Year we
called it a night.

New Year's Day we headed over to Jeff's parents house to watch the FSU game and relax. Well the girls did a little more and got dressed up for the occasion.

Now for a little rewind at the end of '09. We had the joy of spending some time with my brother and his wife and their new baby, Knightly Laurence. Boy is he a sweetie.

I think Karina enjoyed their little doggy more then her new cousin. She IS an animal lover!

I decided to make up some more of these yummy cookies to give to our neighbor's and my dear sis in law who REALLY likes them.

I really enjoyed decorating our tree this year and how cozy it made our house feel. Seeing some of our ornaments that mean a lot to me brought back wonderful memories.

I also have lots of fun decorating the house and have to admit the only thing I have taken down and put away are the tree and the ornaments. I want to enjoy the rest just a little longer.

I had a fun girls night at my house the week before Christmas and had a great time with some of my favorite gals. I thought it would be fun to bless them with a little gift.

The week of Christmas my side of the family all met at my sister's house to go caroling. This has become a tradition but I don't know how much longer our family is going to fit in the back of my dad's truck. After that we go to my parents house and decorate gingerbread cookies. This is the first year that Dad decorated the truck. I thought it was great!

When we got to Mom's my sister's kids had the best gift for my mom.

Do you think the kids are a little excited?

What a face!

Our little family in cookies. :)


On Christmas Eve we head over to my folks house again for a delicious breakfast for dinner. Then mom dresses all the kids up and as the Christmas story is read they act it out. This was Karina's first year to be in our little play and I must say she was a sweet little shepherd.

These three kings of ours were quite a comedy routine. They sure added some good laughs!

We had a wonderful Christmas morning. This little lady was so excited about her surprises we had waiting. She loved pulling things out of her stocking and then after we ate some breakfast we had fun while she opened her other gifts.

This gift is my favorite of the ones we gave to her. We have played it a lot and I would recommend it to everyone.
After watching the Macy's Christmas Day parade at home we went over to Jeff's parents house for some fun. Nana and Pappy had lots of sweet suprises awaiting under their tree. They are such a gift to us and I am so blessed to have them as in laws.

This is where Karina wanted to be for most of the day. She really loves her Nana and I do too!

We are so blessed that Jeff's grandma is now living here and we can enjoy her company a lot more often!

After all the gifts were opened and pictures taken it was time for a snack while the yummy dinner cooked. And I ate WAY TO MANY of these little treats!!!

The girls thought a little hairdressing was an order with Carolines present.

We were so grateful to be able to take a drive and see some more family the day after Christmas. Jeff's grandparents are both in their nineties and it is such a great honor and pleasure to know them and have them as my grandparents now since I no longer have my own.

Jeff's precious aunt's all gave the kids great gifts and we just really enjoyed spending that time with everyone. Here are those sweet aunts of his. They are so much fun and silly and beautiful women of God. And the uncles are wonderful too!

This picture of Karina with her Great Grandmommy melts my heart!

Karina getting some doggy time in.

These two lovely people are about to celebrate 70 years of marriage! Praise the Lord!


Now we're rewinding a little further to my birthday. I felt like it lasted for a week since my dear friends celebrated with me a couple days before. And my sweet hubby took me out to dinner the night after. We decided to wait since the next day was Friday and we could stay out late.

But the day of my birthday I was so blessed to spend with my beautiful sister and her darling kids. I love her so much and always enjoy our times together. Her kids are such a joy to be around and Karina loves playing with them. Tam brought some really yummy lunch over and I had made some pumpkin cupcakes earlier that week. So we celebrated and had a wonderful time!

The night of my birthday we enjoyed the company of our parents and had a little party with them. The "cake" is a chocolate Hershey Pie that I absolutely love! I think it will become a tradition now!

My sweet sweet hubby decided to suprise me with this IPOD Nano and I love it. I can say it has helped motivate me to get up and out the door on these cold mornings for a fast walk as I listen to some great music. I can even clock my time with the stopwatch feature and also use the podometer to record my steps. How cool right?!

The day after my birthday the celebrating went on when Karina and I met up with some dear friends of mine who wanted to take me to lunch. So we headed downtown and enjoyed a great time with friends. Afterwards we walked the shops and enjoyed looking at all the lovely displays.

Then for the finishing touch my man took me out to one of my favorite places to eat. We had a lovely romantic dinner and then went for a stroll through some shops before heading to a movie.

It was an amazing time and I can't thank God enough for blessing me with another year. I pray that this New Year is one that will bring Him glory and many blessings to you as we trust in Him to direct our steps.