Monday, December 20, 2010

weekend away

This last weekend my man and I went away on a little vacation for my birthday. We left our little lady with my folks and knew she would have a great time too. My dad was even able to get us this brand new pop-up camper to stay in from a friend of his for free. It really was a fun time. We camped but went out on the town both nights and most of the day Saturday. So we weren't really spending much time at the campsite. But what we did spend there was beautiful.

Jeff was pretty handy getting the camper all set up. It was really cool to see him crank it up. He said he really prefers that over setting up a tent. I think he likes that it involves less dirt!

After we got all set up and moved in we headed out for a yummy dinner and some shopping.

Once we got back to the campsite we put our leftovers away, lit a candle, made some fresh brewed coffee and set up our own little theater with Jeff's computer to watch the second Narnia movie.

We got a good nights sleep and woke up the next day to the birds chirping and a wintery looking day outside. We stayed nice and toasty with our little heaters running though. :) And made some delicious egg, sausage and cheese bisquits for breakfast.

After some hot showers and getting dressed and ready for the day we set out to hit some stores in some quaint little beach towns.

This was a boardwalk to the beach and though we walked out to catch a glimpse of the water it was just too cold to stay out there for too long. So we stuck with the shops and ended up finding some cute little things to take home to Karina.

After popping in a few more places we headed back to the camper to cook up some nice hot soup and toasted sandwiches. YUM!

Oh yeah we bought these for desert! Then it was time for a nap before heading out to eat and shop and go to a movie that night.

We drove over the the beach there at the campground to see the sunset and it was gorgeous!!

Me being goofy taking a picture of myself. :) And how cute is this little camper!? When I was growing up while we lived in Germany my dad bought a little camper like this(maybe a little bigger) and we took trips in it all the time. Those are some of my greatest memories as a kid! Thank you Dad!

This Starbucks shop had two great nutcrackers in front of it and we just had to stop and snap some pictures. Another memory flooded back from Germany of when all us kids stood for a picture by a huge nutcracker like this.

It looks like this soldier got into a fight with the king over there and his hand got cut off with the sword! YIKES! Kinda explains the look on his face ya think?

Of course the first store we went in was Bass Pro. What a good wife I am. HEhe.

Then we watched these crazy people roll around in these balls!

I just love this great tree!

We went ahead and bought our tickets to see the latest Narnia movie and then jumped back in the car to find a place to eat. Oh and asked a nice gal to snap a picture of us really quick.

After a bit of driving we decided on this place. If you have never been to a McGuire's you must! It not only has really great food but the atmosphere is so much fun.

Jeff couldn't decide on what beer he wanted to drink so the waiter suggested the sampler. Looks kinda cool. And so do all these dollars hanging from the ceiling and walls. We had a good time guessing how many there were and I won after asking the waiter.

Their bread is soooooooo good!! And so were our MASSIVE burgers. We both could only eat half and should've just shared one.

I'm glad we didn't tell them it was my birthday the day before. Though I wouldn't have minded a free desert. But they have a tradition that you must kiss the moose. We watched this other poor guy do just that after they sang to him. But we really were too full to fit anything else in our tummies and decided to browse the gift shop before heading back to see the movie.

The movie was great and though we got back a little late we had a nice morning to sleep in and slowly pack up our things. This camper really is a great way to camp. It would easily sleep two adults and a couple kids.

I had packed us up some sandwiches that we could eat on the way home. And as we left the campground I thought of this other beautiful state park that was on our way. So we stopped there to have a picnic and it was such a pretty day too!! It has this amazing old plantation home on it and lovely grounds to roam. SO after a nice lunch we walked all around and had some fun taking pictures.

I love how this next one looks so wintery and like it's all decorated for Christmas naturally. :)

While I was trying to get a good picture of this bird(it took forever!) Jeff walked over to the house and found a nice place to relax. Can you see him all the way over there?

I love this man so dearly and can't imagine loving anyone more. He is the one for me and we couldn't have had a more wonderful time this weekend!

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