Thursday, December 2, 2010

pumpkin soup

A couple weeks ago I took this.....

....and made this.

It was really yummy and we are finishing it up this week. I do still have some cooked pumpkin that I am hoping to make into bread next week. Maybe even some to give to Jeff's coworkers. If we don't eat it all. :) Might even save some to snack on Christmas day. But that will probably only happen if I put a loaf in the freezer. So we'll see.

Thinking about baking some sugar cookies tonight for Karina and her cousins to decorate tomorrow. Should be a good time. This cool weather we are having makes me want to bake every day. :) But that just wouldn't be smart now would it. So I will enjoy tomorrow and try not to eat too many. :) Happy cookie making ya'll!

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