Wednesday, December 1, 2010

the hunt

Last weekend we headed out to hunt down the perfect Christmas tree for us. This sounds pretty easy and like it won't take long. After all were not taking a walk through the woods to cut one down ya know. Of course that might be even easier since they aren't all piled on top of each other, but instead are spread apart and standing perfectly straight. :)

But we had to sift through the piles. I enjoyed every minute of it with the chill in the air but Karina got bored fast and was more fascinated with the sheds she could go in and out of. So we tried to decide in a timely manner and I think we found a good one. She did start out the hunt with us.....

Checking it out. I thought it was funny that someone asked if Jeff worked there because he had gloves on. Doesn't like sticky sap on his hands.

Karina breaking into song and Jeff showing his mighty strength.

So silly!

Annnnnnd we found it! So Jeff took it to the trimmer and I headed inside to pick up a few things.

Karina loves the musical snow globes and bout drove me crazy asking for one.

Home again and ready to take it inside.

Pizza dinner first. This is a little ritual of ours for the night we get our tree. Cuz you know she needs her strength for putting that star up.

Then I pulled out something that I had bought half off for her last year. She loved it!

After putting the little lady to bed I ran to Walmart for some eggnog and another set of lights after finding out some of ours didn't work.

Then it was on to the decorating. In a quiet house with Christmas music playing softly I hung each ornament thinking back to the ones that had special meaning and had been given to us. It was a lovely way to end the day.

Of course I left some for Karina to hang the next day when she woke up. The cute little wooden ones that remind me of what you find in the Christmas market in Germany. She enjoyed that and since then we like keeping the lights on when we are here at home. She is really looking forward to going for a drive to see the Christmas lights. And soon we will all pile in my Dad's ol' truck to go caroling and back to their house to decorate cookies. So much fun!
Hope you all are enjoying some sweet times decorating your own tree and fun with your family.


caknitter said...

I love the pizza for dinner after tree picking ritual. It's so cute to see Karina working the puzzle while she leans on her doggie. Aw.

nancygrayce said...

Your tree is beautiful....and how wonderful for Karina to have a Christmas tradition! I love you and your family!!!

Tammy said...

Lovely post... and your blog looks so beautifully festive. :) I am looking forward to spending our special Christmas traditions together this month!