Thursday, December 2, 2010

christmas crafts

We've been having a little fun around here with some cute little crafts lately. The first was a little tree cut out of construction paper and decorated with yarn for garland and buttons for ornaments. It was a day when it was just me and my girl and we had a great time. Most of the time I think of fun crafts when her cousins are here and they can all do them together. But I really do need to be better about just doing things with my precious little lady too. She will soon be grown and I know it is going to happen fast! It already is!

While we were sitting at the table doing this she had such a big smile on her face and looking at me said, " Mom, this is so much fun!" And though the craft doesn't usually last more then 20 min. she really does enjoy them and I need to remember that when I get busy and don't want to take the time. Knowing that even a few minutes with her to make something cute can mean everything to her.

While she was working away at placing her buttons just where she wanted them I went over to the tree and saw this ornament with her picture from when she wasn't even a year old yet. To compare the little baby in the picture with my sweet big girl really moved me. I remember thinking about all the fun we'd have doing crafts together when she was just a tiny thing.

And now she can do this! Ta-da!!!

After our first tree craft I started thinking of other ones we could try. And so one day when her cousins WERE over we made more trees. These were a little more messy since we decided to do hand print Christmas trees. But the kids sure had fun and I think they came out great!

It was a chilly day and they had just come in from playing outside. So I made up some yummy hot chocolate for them to sip on as they worked.

And they finished! They were all so proud and I think they did a great job. I love just sitting back and seeing their little minds work. God has given them each such unique personalities just as different as their trees are from each other. What a blessing they all are!!


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