Wednesday, December 22, 2010

caroling and cookies

Last night we did one of my favorite Christmas traditions. We met at my sister's house and all hopped in the back of my dad's old 66 Chevy truck and went caroling. I think this has become a lost art. But we sure brought it back to a pretty little neighborhood in our town. We would stop at certain houses of people we knew and say a quick hello. And then we would shout out a hearty "MERRY CHRISTMAS!" to those we didn't know. What a wonderful and fun way to proclaim Christ birth with a song sung loudly for all to hear. :) The kids were great singers and really had a great time!

I had to snap a few pictures along the way of houses that were lit up so pretty.

My little lady got into it more this year then last and it was a joy to watch her sing her little heart out!

I love how this house did their trees. Might have to do this next year in our side yard with all our trees! My dad does such a good job of decorating his truck too!

Then it was on to mom and dad's house to enjoy some snacks and decorated some delicious gingerbread cookies!

This precious little guy had a fun night too and found a cozy spot by the fire to hang out. Loving my little nephew Noah!!

I love all my mom's lovely decorations. These houses are some she bought while we lived in Germany and it takes me back to the little towns there.

The kids were so cute to watch as they all took time to make their cookies look just right.

This is such a wonderful night to catch up with the family even in the business of it all. I just love hanging out with my mom and sister. And I think the guys enjoy each others company just the same.

Today is filled with a lot of baking, cooking and some cleaning so I better go and get started. Hope you all are having sweet times with those close to you and have a wonderful Christmas!!


caknitter said...

Boy, I want to be part of your family. I remember this tradition from last year. You are so blessed to have such a loving family.
Merry Christmas!!

nancygrayce said...

I love your family! You all have the "family" thing down pat! You have made such wonderful memories for your children. Those cookies look good.