Thursday, December 9, 2010

round' the block

A few weeks ago now Karina and I thought it was the perfect day for a walk/bike ride around the block. So she hopped on her bike and off we went. I love it when the weather is just right and you don't get too hot or too cold when taking a walk. Today is a lot like that. We don't do this enough. I often think about getting exercise myself but not about her needing that same outlet for her energy and health.

So hopefully I will get better about this in the coming months and years. The nice thing about where we live is that you actually get more months that feel like fall then you do winter. So it makes for wonderful days doing this!

And off she goes! She can get going pretty quick on that little bike now.

Love these pretty leaves!

So determined!

And she's pooped!

We walked the rest of the way and came to this little stream down the road from us. It is funny how just a little water and a few things to throw in give kids such a thrill. She would've stayed there all day long. It's only a few houses down from us so we could make it a daily thing, but we'll see.

Such a calm and quiet scene. Might be nice to have this in my back yard. Then again maybe not when I envision muddy wet little kids after Karina and her cousins fall in. :) So we'll be content with it down the street.

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