Saturday, November 20, 2010

great time

Last Saturday I went out for the afternoon with a friend. This was a much needed time for me since I had not seen this sweet friend in a while and had really been wanting to catch up on all that was going on with her. And it was also just nice to have a break from being mommy. I knew my little lady could enjoy some daddy time too.

So my friend Sibyl came and picked me up along with my bike for a late afternoon bike ride that almost didn't happen. :) It almost didn't happen because we took some time looking through this great little yarn shop she had been in and wanted to show me. I loved it! Yarn is like candy to me and I definitely wanted to take some home. But like any little kid when faced with the choice of picking just one piece of delicious candy stands there and stares until they are absolutely sure of the one they want, I stood there gazing for quite some time. But finally did choose a lovely olive green organic cotton yarn that I will be using to make a special Christmas gift with.

Once we made our purchases we headed out to a fun restaurant that has great food. I hadn't been here in years and really enjoyed it. Not only my food but Sibyl's too. :) That's what friends are for sharing right?

Then we drove over to a wonderful little beach side town to take in the sunset and that bike ride I was talking about. This town is so quaint. I will be going back soon to a campground not far from here with my hunny for a fun little weekend camping trip on my birthday. Really excited about that!

Before it got dark we hopped on our bikes. Don't you just love Sibyl's basket? We rode through the brick paved streets and saw some lovely fall colors.

As the sky grew dark the lights glowed on these trees. It was beautiful. There was even a wedding happening at a small chapel close by and people were gathering to celebrate. And as we walked our bikes around some shops I saw this sign and had to smile. How often do we forget the simple things. How easy it is to forget the glory portrayed in and gift of a sunset. Or the fellowship we are enriched by when once again bonding with a close friend.

You know that friend that you can go weeks, maybe a month, without really communicating with. And then when you finally do it's so rich and it seems like time never passed. Well that friend for me is Sibyl. She has been there for me through so many things and my life is better because I know her. SO if you read this Sibyl thank you and know that I wouldn't be the person I am today without your great counsel, shared wisdom, listening ear, loving heart and great sense of humor. Love you gal!

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