Saturday, November 13, 2010

the fire is so delightful.....

We have been really loving these cold nights when we can light a fire in the fireplace. Karina has been really liking getting all snugly in her fleecy pj's. I love it when the nights turn cold and the house feels like a cozy retreat. Add to that some good coffee and knitting and I am one happy gal.

Oh and some nice music on in the back ground. I am sorry to say I am one of "those" people that actually likes to play Christmas music way earlier than I should. I guess I could blame that on the fact that it takes me back to our winters in Germany when I was young. I live where it's relatively warm in the fall and winter. Oh we get our cold spells but not like I've had in the past.

I will say I am grateful that I don't live somewhere that requires three layers of clothing just to walk out the front door. I am more of a sweater with a scarf kind of person. So it really works out OK.

I am so grateful that this house (our first and maybe only if we stay here forever) has a fireplace. I really didn't think we would be able to buy a house with a fireplace in it when we first started looking. But this house was a perfect fit for us and with that added luxury and a few others we knew it was a good buy.
There are plenty of things we would love to change and in the future we will as the money allows. One would be the tile and brick around the fireplace. I know it doesn't help when I put a frame up that kinda clashes with those too, but I love the picture and will probably even change the frame a little to make it more subtle.
But for now we will be content and have our cozy nights hanging out and just be grateful for what we have, knowing that it's so much more then what we deserve!


nancygrayce said...

Oh, that does look cozy! We haven't had a fire's just become cool to me!

BECKY said...

Kris it all looks great! I love that it isn't all matchy matchy, and looks so lovely and inviting! You do such a wonderful job of making things pretty and homey!!

Love ya!!
Aunt Becky

caknitter said...

You should never apologize for playing Christmas music too early...tis the season to be jolly all-year-round.
The fireplace looks so warm and welcoming. :-)