Wednesday, November 24, 2010

custom order

This custom order was a really fun job. For one I LOVE the color brown mixed with anything. So these designs are a favorite of mine. Two they were for a really special gal that I know and have known for quite some time. I knew they would bless her and she was wanting to pay me a pretty penny for them all. So how could I say no. The two on the top were for her tiny little twin nieces. The two below were for her and her precious little girl.

After finishing these up it didn't take long for me to start on another brown hat. This one is going up for sale at the shop. There are few things that I enjoy more then a yummy cup of coffee and my knitting waiting for me. :)

Hope you all are having some sweet times of making things too. Whether it's some yummy food for your Thanksgiving meal or a fun craft with your kiddos. Enjoy every minute! Happy Thanksgiving Ya'll!!


BECKY said...

Adorable, Kris! You are sooo talented!!
Happy Thanksgiving!!! Love ya lots,
Aunt Becky

nancygrayce said...

So beautiful! You do good work!