Monday, October 25, 2010

so much (farm) fun!

This last Saturday we went to a really great little farm that was a bit of a drive away but worth every mile. You felt like you were out in the country which is just the feeling we were going for. After years of driving down the street to pick a pumpkin from a "pumpkin patch" in the nearest big parking lot of whatever store was allowing it we found it! The pumpkin patch in our imaginations! The one with a winding dirt road that you took a wagon ride out to. The one that seemed like it went on forever with pumpkins actually still attached to the vines they grew one. The one (and this was a huge added bonus) that was across from a beautiful sunflower field where you could pick your own FREE sunflowers!

That last little perk was the icing AND sprinkles on the cake for me. I used to grow sunflowers and have loved the gorgeous glowing beauties ever since. And though I could go on and on I better get to the pictures because this post will take you awhile to get through. Forgive me for it's length but I wanted to share every little bit. SO come with me as I take you on a tour of the farm. :)

We, my sister in law and her kids and Karina and I, thought it best to start with the wagon ride out to the pumpkin patch. As the wagon pulled up we ooh'd and aahh'd at the pretty sunflowers and perfect pumpkins everyone held as they emptied out of the wagon as the next group of eager pumpkin pickers got ready to climb aboard.

And here we go....

I am so glad we had the opportunity to go to this farm with my sweet sis in law and her kids. It really was a great day. I so enjoyed the time in the car. The kids were great, the view was lovely and the excitement was contagious. We usually have no lack of things to talk about my sis and I. So it was truly a blessing and a joy to be with her. Thanks again for driving Em! And then here we were on our imagined wagon ride! Well I am taking the picture of course.

My little pumpkin ready to find her a little pumpkin.

And then I saw them. The field of beautiful flowers...

The pumpkin patch was a wonderful site to behold.

But first we decided to find some of those great flowers to take home. We probably should have looked for a pumpkin first but oh well. I was taken with the flowers and could have spent all day in those fields snapping pictures and finding the perfect one to take with me.

The kids were a weee bit excited too.

It didn't take long and Karina was on the hunt.

She went this way...

....and that way...

...and there it was!

Of course then her attitude changed to "alright I found mine so let's go". But I love this picture too.

Then she found out she could have a turn with the cutters and everything changed. I told her she could only snip on the weeds and she was happy as could be. I think a garden here at home is in her future.

Standing by one that was taller then her was quite the thrill too. I knew how she felt because the ones I used to grow were taller then me.

Then when everyone else was finished picking out a pumpkin except us we went over to the patch to find the perfect (imperfect) one. And even though we didn't feel like we had much time doing just that, feeling the pressure of all the others being done and on the wagon. We also didn't have anyone else in our pictures which was great too.

It didn't take long for Karina to pick hers and I love that she just took a seat as though it was put there as a prop in a photo shoot. HA!

I was thanking God that I even got the picture above of my sweet girl smiling, because this soon followed. I kept her out late the night before and so she was trying to keep it together for me and she did a pretty good job. She was patient as mommy snapped a few more pictures of all the pumpkins I was in awe of.

Once we had all found our prized pumpkins we hopped back on the wagon for the ride to see the animals.

Of course my little animal lover was overjoyed. There are days that I truly wish we could live on a piece of land that would make it possible to own some animals that she could care for. But then I think that the excitement wouldn't be near as great if the work was familiar to her. ;) I could be wrong.

We came back to the animals in just a bit, but we wanted to scope out all there was to see.

These little duck races were too cute and the kids had fun trying to get there duck going by working those hand pumps as hard as they could.

Then it was on to the hen house to look for eggs. Of which I think had been there earlier in the day to find. But we had fun looking anyway.

And, oh my goodness, I didn't know anyone could have so much fun milking a pretend cow! But this was seriously her favorite part of the day. No matter what we did she just wanted to go back and milk the cows again. I think I need a pretend cow in the back yard! Might tell the hubby to get on that pronto!

Still milking.....

I thought this sign of how a pumpkin grows was pretty neat. And my appologies Daisy and Lulu. Hope you didn't mind all the attention. At least you aren't real. Can you imagine?

The cowgirls!

As we roamed we scoped out the perfect spot for our picnic. And the girls also had to take a peek in the smoke house. Thank God they didn't see Wilbur anywhere in there. We did watch Charlotte's Web in the car on the way to the farm.

Don't remember if this is the second or third time we saw the animals, but we thought a good handwashing was an order. Love this big sink the kids all fit at.

Ethan looks like the clean hand inspector in this picture! Better get'm good and clean girls!!

It's a good thing we washed hands too, because the girls turned into the produce inspectors once in the market there.

We had packed a lunch and were ready for a little rest. SO we found a great spot with a picnic table just for us.

After filling our bellies we knew it was time for a train ride around the cornfields. From the moment we arrived at the farm and the kids caught a glimpse of the train they were talking about taking a ride on it. It was a fun way to sit and take in more of the pretty day and they thought it was so great to climb in that cage. It was tempting to close the cage and tell the conductor to chug away. But I knew I would have fun going too. So I climbed on in.

They had a blast and then it was BACK to see the animals again. They thought this was a "terrific" pig.

Isn't this little goat too cute!!

On our way out I wanted to snap a few more pumpkin pics. I love these two. The one with the different color pumpkins and this one with all the kids touching the bumpy one.

This was my best one of the cousins minus Amelia.

And soon after Amelia sat down Karina said "I'm outa here!".

She did want a picture with her funny gourd.

And with the hay lady to which we kept saying, "Hey lady!" It was one golly olly terrific day on the farm and I would recommend it to anyone within an hour or two drive. It truly satisfied our itch for an authentic pumpkin patch and so much more. The drive home was lovely too. We even had some of our sweet little pumpkins fall into a deep sleep as we drove and talked of many things.

I will be ready to go again come next year. I could easily go again this weekend, but the husband would like me at home. And that is good too. SO I will have fun looking at the pictures as I hope do you.

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