Thursday, October 7, 2010

she loves me...

Karina is really having fun learning her letters and making words with them. One day this week she asked me how to spell my name. I thought Mom would be a little easier then Kristie. So she did it all by herself and was so proud.
How I love this little lady and she loves me. It has really been a blessing in disguise to have only her to focus my attention on. I say in disguise because we have made efforts(with the Lord doing the work) to give her a sibling and God has chosen otherwise. But there are great blessings that come along with that. Each time we have been pregnant after her there has been a little ache in my heart that we won't have the times we have now. But I know with surety that the Lord will make it happen in his own timing if He wants to and it will be His perfect will. And that is EXACTLY the way I want it!
I know too that there will always be a lovely balance to things(sibling or not) and she will always have my time when she needs it. So I rest oh so comfortably in His WONDERFUL will for me and her! Oh to know the God of this universe and that He cares for me(and her) so. There is truly nothing better!

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