Sunday, October 3, 2010


Pardon me while I rewind just a bit to squeeze in a couple more post from September that I would love to share. These kind of go along with our fun camping trip a few weeks back, but I decided to throw in a post about fall instead of finishing these up.

The week after we camped with my family at the beach my dad decided to rent a pontoon boat to take us all out one day. So Karina and I headed back out to join everyone for some more fun on the water. It was a gorgeous day!

Karina hasn't been out on boats much and so she was just lovin' it!!

Once we got to a good place to fish we dropped the anchor and my dad rigged up fishing poles for all the kids (I think he bought out Walmart's entire stock of kids fishing poles!) and live shrimp as bait.

They couldn't have been more thrilled and within minutes Joseph already had a huge catfish on the line!

Didn't take Karina long to "catch" up with her cousin!

We really had a great time while the kids all caught a ton of fish and soon got hungry for lunch so we headed back into the campsite.

After a yummy lunch we celebrated my sweet nephews first birthday.

When we had all taken a little time to rest and relax we took one last boat ride to enjoy the water and take a swim.

Karina and I headed home after we got back from that and told Jeff about all the fun we had. I had made up my mind then that we would stay home the rest of the week, but when Friday rolled around and it was another beautiful day I couldn't resist getting some more beach time in.

SO we packed up our stuff and went back out! This time Karina and I decided to go hang out at the beach while the family did other things. We did take her sweet cousin Joseph with us and man did they enjoy each other.

As you can see I had a great time snapping pictures while these two just played and played.

After we had been there awhile a really nice lady came over with these yellow floats and asked if we would like to have them. They were leaving and didn't want to take them home. So we were happy to enjoy them! The kids thought they were so much fun and I used mine to relax in the shade while watching them play.

So there you go! But I must warn you it's not the last beach post you'll see for a while. For we turned around and hit another beach the next Friday too. The weather was a little different and even though it was cloudy we still had loads of fun. So stay tuned if your not tired of the sand and surf!


Wendy said...

Your posts really make me miss our assignment there. The other night I actually asked Ryan if there was a chance we could get reassigned there. He said there's always a chance.
I'd love to spend a couple days at the beach with you and Karina. Your little lady is so lucky to have you and your sweet family.

caknitter said...

It would be a shame to not go out and enjoy the sunshine.
Thank you for sharing your fun weekend.