Friday, October 15, 2010


Karina and I really enjoyed a wonderful time at the park with some friends and family of ours last week. It was THE PERFECT DAY! The weather had just turned a little chilly and we were actually wearing long sleeves and sweaters! Woooohooo! The kids had so much fun on this tire swing and I am tempted to ask Jeff if we can hang one from our great big oak in the front yard now.

The girls all looked too cute on the swings together. I remember spending hours on the swings when I was younger. But I don't really have the stomach for it anymore. A couple of us mommies were talking about that and how it's funny that we change in what we can do and can't. But no matter we had a great time anyway!

I also had the sweet pleasure of holding this little doll baby.

My handsome little nephew. Aunt K sure loves this guy!

And how cute are these two!!? And you haven't even seen the front of them yet! Isn't that red hair stunning?!!

This park is next to the water and it makes for a lovely view!

the boys.....

the girls....

Of course the boys had to get in on the ice cream too.

And we can't leave out these two cuties. I give you Amelia and Amelia....

After a picnic lunch, some lovely chats and great fun playing for the kiddos we all packed things up and headed back home. We really should make this a weekly day at the park kind of thing. I enjoy all these ladies and their kids and I know Karina feels the same.

This last picture makes me think Gap ad. I love little ones in jeans and it's now the weather to wear them. Hope you are enjoying fun cool days outside and seeing your little people in jeans too.

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