Sunday, October 3, 2010


This could maybe be my last post of water fun for this year. We have recently had a nice cool breeze move into town and I am asking it nicely to stay and set up shop. So we'll see if it concedes to my simple request. I pray it does.

But none the less we had some great fun in the water last month and I just didn't get around to blogging about it. SO here goes..... We enjoyed some great fun with Jeff's parents around the pool and boy did the big boys make a splash. My sis in law and I believe our hubby's became ten again that afternoon. They were crazy and we were loving it. And the grand kids were crazy about the time with their Nana and Pappy!

Loving this spiky haired hunk!!

Sweet Mama Hawkins enjoyed watching all the fun from the shade. Can't say I blamed her. Looked like a nice place to be.

And the Friday after that we booked it to the beach again and took in some rays. There were just enough clouds to give us a little break from the warmth here and there and help us not end the day with a sunburn.

Sand castles for everyone! God even treated us to some fun dolphin watching. That tiny speck you see Ethan pointing to is indeed a dolphin and we saw them a lot clearer then my camera shows in this shot.

We not only had the sweet company of Karina's cousins and my precious sis in law, but also enjoyed the time with a good friend and her darling little guy. Here is Will and man is he CUTE. You might just have to look away there is so much cuteness involved. :)

Susan looking cute as ever herself with that precious baby belly.

All the kiddos enjoying God's sandbox!

Soak it up with me. Can't you just hear the waves?

God even blessed us with the joy of seeing from afar Him watering His creation though it was over the sea. But it was slowly making it's way to our spot. So we let the kids play a little longer as we gradually cleaned up the beach toys and they sucked their lolly pops.

This little gal especially enjoyed this sweet treat as she has not been privy to partaking in this little beach ritual of ours till now.

And these two just crack me up. What can I say?

One last little game of wave chasing was needed and a little writing in the sand with their leftover sticks.

Then it was back to the car to pack up and head home as those lazy rain drops fell. It quietly lulled to sleep a few of the little beach lovers as we rode and talked life in the front seat. How I have enjoyed these trips to our lovely beach. And though the time may soon come when we wear shoes and jackets to enjoy days playing in the sand I do love coming to the beach year round. It has a beauty no matter what season.

So sweet friends I hope your September was grand and that your October is even better. Soon to come a great little craft I just learned and that I'm going wild over. It's quick and cheap and is oh so pretty!

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caknitter said...

Thank you for letting us enjoy summer with you and your lovely family. :-)