Monday, October 11, 2010


If you've never made pumpkin bread and held your head over the bowl of dry mix before you stirred in all the spices and taken a big sniff of that glorious smell then you MUST! This is my Nana's pumpkin bread recipe. If I could imagine what bread from heaven would taste like this would be it. And she would be whipping up a batch for all the angels as I type this. :)

It has to be the best recipe I have ever had.I would be happy to post it if any of you would like to have it. And oh the aroma that wafts through your house as that beautiful soupy mixture of orange yumminess cooks into a lovely loaf of perfection.

I did this on Saturday and it took me awhile because I made two batches. Do you believe that I only sliced a couple pieces to enjoy without a whole loaf disappearing? It's a good thing because I was taking this to church the next day for our morning fellowship time. Can you spy the hole in the loaf here that little miss decided to pick a piece from? Dirty little rat! But I did break down and give her a small slice of her own. How could I not after the torture of having to smell it all day long. Hope you are enjoying some sweet tastes of Fall yourselves.

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Beth W. said...

Yum! I would love to get the recipe. Can you post it or email me?