Saturday, October 30, 2010

a great day

Yesterday I had an absolute fabulous time with my darling sister and her kids. We met at a green next to some great shops and had a picnic lunch. Then the kids of course wanted to run and run and run. So we let them. An especially good idea when you are about to walk through a store or two.

The girls spotted this guy walking his dog and though he saw them coming he just kept on walking. I don't think he was quite up for a few little doggy lovers holding up his exercise.

This green, most commonly used for open air concerts and movies, is just a fun and beautiful place to come and enjoy an outside lunch. It is also right by the beach. You can see the beach front homes all lined up in their great colors.

I love these kids and their precious parents so much and am so blessed when we get to spend some quality time together.

Then it was onto the shopping. Old Navy has some REALLY GREAT DEALS! And have you seen their cute new mannequins?

Aren't these too much fun!? Not quite sure what Karina is doing in these shots. Maybe she thought I said pose like a wild animal. I don't know. And I usually don't carry my camera into a store and just start snapping pictures. But when these guys started trying on these hats and scarves I couldn't resist running out to the car to get it.

I couldn't help but take some of them with the real mannequins too. :)

They really did fit in with their jeans and colorful shirts. And they actually did really well with my sis and I taking our time browsing. We got some of the cutest things off the clearance racks!! I really couldn't believe it. I'll do a great deal post soon. But up next will be some fun we had last night at the Fall Festival. So come back soon!


6HartsforHim said...

I am in love with Claire and her expressions!!! It's like a tiny Tammy! ;) Love you guys much!!! Oh,and saw the pictures of Karina from the fall fest on FB. She is SOOO adorable! :)

caknitter said...

The pictures of the kids in the store are hilarious! Lol. :-)

nancygrayce said...

You really ought to send those pics to Old Navy....those kids might just be the next Old Navy models!

They did an great job at modeling and are just too cute!!!