Thursday, October 7, 2010

flowers and a cozy fire

Just recently I got online and found a video that taught me how to make these sweet roses. And since then I think I have made at least a dozen or more. They are a bit addictive. It is a really fast craft once you get the hang of it. My first one didn't look so great. But I've practiced a lot and now they actually look like a rose. :)

They are also really cheap to make too especially if you have some scrap fabric lying around and a few pieces of felt. I have made them into pins and hair clips and just sold six today to a sweet lady that wanted them for her little girls. Making $30 on something that only took me an hour to do I'd say was a good thing. I have already taught my sister how to make them. And tomorrow some friends are coming over to learn how.

I love how these flowers are such a great Fall accessory for that favorite jean jacket or cozy sweater. I have to include these pictures in this post because my little lady in this brown dress just says Fall to me.

We had some really nice outdoor time this last weekend. And when the sun started to tuck itself in for the night we decided to enjoy some more time outside by having our first fire of the season in the fire pit.

This is the look I got after I said it was time to go inside. (Reminds me of her baby pictures!)

This is the smile I got after she found out we were only going in to change clothes so we could hang out around the fire. And of course break out the s'more fixin's!

It was a lovely Fall night and I am already looking forward to another fire to share with friends and family. One of my friends even suggested using peanut butter cups for s'mores so we are DEFINITELY gonna try that!!

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emily said...

CUTE!!!!!! and oh my goodness, jeff looks so much like brian in that last picture! :) i don't see it very often, but every now and then, i catch a glimpse of the brother-ness! i'm ready to come over for a reese's s'more. :) just thought i'd let you know. :)