Saturday, October 9, 2010

can't get enough

Ok so before Fall is over you are going to be so tired of me posting pictures of these fun little pumpkins. But I just have to show you some more. We had craft day here with my mom and a couple of my dear friends and this is what we did again. The plan was to make the rose pins but we all decided we wanted more pumpkins.

Oh and of course we enjoyed the time to chat awhile and sip some yummy organic coffee while we worked.

I just love how this one shimmers!

Sweet little Sensi stylin' with her rose clip. My mom wanted to learn how to make these after the other ladies left and the kids were quietly watching a movie being that it was late afternoon and they were all ready for naps. Her first one turned out way better then my first. :)

Mom stylin' in hers.

And Karina was lovin' this little headband I made with her rose clip. I found a bunch of plastic headbands at Hobby Lobby for really cheap and thought they would be cute covered in the same fabric as the rose. The rose actually has a hair clip attaching it to the headband so you can wear it with or without.

I am starting to sell these so if you know of anyone who would like to buy them please let them know. And look for more roses to come. I am making them in all kinds of lovely colors!!


nancygrayce said...

Do you think the rose headband would look silly on an older woman? Cause I love them .....If you think they would look silly, don't tell anyone I'm wanting one! :)

Beth W. said...

Oh, I just love it all! Are you selling the pumpkins on etsy? You totally should :)