Friday, September 3, 2010

a double dousy birthday party!

Well here we are! I made it to posting Karina and Jeff's birthday pictures. Now the question is will you have the patience to sit and look at them all? But it's ok if you can't in one sitting because I had a really hard time choosing which ones to put on here. Now that my sweet little lady is four I think parties and gifts from others mean a lot more to her. So it seemed that every one she received was so greatly appreciated. And as her mom I wanted to capture that. For I so greatly appreciate the gift of HER and seeing others love our girl too!

Once everyone arrived we just had fun hanging out for a bit. I love all these precious cousins and I know Karina does too!

Don't know if Noah was quite sure of Amelia in this picture. It kinda looks like he's saying, "What's she gonna do to me?" And she was nothing but sweet.

I had a good time decorating for this party. I love it when I can really girly things up. But do things that don't take too much effort at the same time.

The sweet birthday girl all decked out! Oh and I had nothing to do with the skirt, shoes, wand, tiarra, or BELT!

It sure did give me a giggle though.

And aren't these three a sight!

She is all set and ready for the singing to begin!

Quick pic with mom and dad. And then here we go.....

And here is the double doosy side of the post. Right after we sang to Karina we turned to Jeff with his "Double Doosy Cookie Cake" and sang again. OH and watch how he gives the same side look and closed mouth grin as his daughter did while we sang.

Daddy and daughter sharing that birthday love.

Natalie had some love she wanted to share too. How precious is that! She is such a great older cousin.

Karina could not wait to open this gift that was wrapped in a small box and sitting alone on the table to make room for cake. What is it about small things and her age? She is drawn to them.
But then again she has loved jewelry since the day she could reach up and pull on my earrings or necklace.

It was a darling gift from her great grandmother who was there with us. We are so blessed to have her in our lives and enjoy her company. I know she is really loving seeing her great grand kids often!

And then it was time to EAT!

With the table all cleaned up and cleared for gifts we decided to have Jeff open his while the kids played a bit.

Karina enjoyed watching Daddy open ours to him. Mommy was so grateful when doing my last minute shopping for him to find such a great book and get free two day shipping when my dear sis in law ordered it!! Thank you Em!

The next two gifts were from his parents.

Oh and this was another one from me and Karina that I forgotten about until I saw the shirt from his mom! So I ran a grabbed it to give to him. He received some other great gifts that night and was so blessed by everyone!

Then it was back to the little lady who obviously thought she needed a wardrobe change before opening gifts. You'd think she was at the Grammy's!

Mommy had to make her a new fun hat for this Fall and Winter. And it was so sweet that she loved it! We also got her this new play dough set that we have had a lot of fun with.

Then came a surprise from my folks that couldn't be wrapped. Can you guess what it is by the look on her face and what she's holding in her hands?

She was so excited!! She has been on scooters at my mom's house but never asked for one. So it was a great surprise. Of course she had to take it for a test ride. She also has another great gift from Jeff's folks that she will have an equal reaction to when it arrives.

It was a wonderful night and having our family over is ALWAYS a blessing. Karina and I had made these cute little flower cookies to send home with everyone as favors.... well as these little lolly pops we spruced up with some scrapbook paper and the kids names.

After everyone had left Jeff and Karina cuddled on the couch for some fun cozy time on her new computer. I still need to snap a picture of her and him on their laptops together.

The next day Karina and I had some fun of our own getting out all the gifts and playing for awhile with them all.

And she really enjoyed getting up some speed outside on her scooter.

This last picture is of something that I had made, (thanks to my sis in law for finding the idea for me), but needed Jeff's help to hang up. So you could kinda say it was part of her gifts from us. She sure does love it and I love not having books all over her bed!

So there you have it! I hope it didn't take too long to look through. And I thank each and every one of you that come and visit my blog. I really enjoy sharing special times in our lives on here. And even the times that are just the simple things become special when I can share them with you!
SO come back soon for more fun times from our family to yours!

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caknitter said...

Looks like everyone shared love and joy. Happy Birthday to Karina!