Tuesday, September 28, 2010

well hello fall!

Oh Fall how I missed you! I have been waiting and dreaming of the day you would arrive and here you are. The touch of coolness in the air is sweet company when you are present. Soon the fireplaces will add their lovely aroma to the air as well. So, welcome dear friend and please stay awhile. I look forward to observing your gorgeous garb that will be along soon in another month or so!!

Can you tell I am just a little excited about Fall being here!? Today has been beautiful to say the least. I woke up to lovely cool temps and opened all the windows to let that wonderful fresh air in. I also had some bananas that were calling to me to make them into some wonderful yummy bread that my sweet Nana used to make for us. And so I did. This was my view as I baked.

As you can see by my dirty window sill that we haven't opened the windows in quite some time.

After fulfilling my baking itch I headed over with Karina to my friend Julie's house to make these!! I was so excited! We had learned how to make these last year and had lots of fun. Last year I made one for myself and two as gifts. This one is for a very precious lady in my life and I can't wait to give it to her!

Julie was getting a good giggle out of something Karina was doing. I love how her table gets covered in crafts whenever I am over.

These are her great little pumpkins she made. She can really crank these out and motivated me to work on them all day too!

I had to take a picture of this one on my new fall quilt. The colors went so well together. It will be hard to part with this sweet pumpkin. :) And check out that stem! Julie had saved hers from her pumpkin last year and let it dry out so she wanted me to have it. We thought I was the perfect finishing touch!

Lovin' my great fall finds from Bed Bath and Beyond!!

I'll end with a picture of all the pumpkins I made today. They really are so much fun to make. I also love the corks that Julie has in abundance because her husband used to collect them. Now he is happy to see them put to use. I think they add such a wonderful vintage touch.

So Happy Fall dear friends!!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

the joys of camping

This is what it looked like a few weeks ago on the day we headed out to go camping with my family. We were spending Saturday, Sunday and Monday out at a lovely beach campsite that my dad so graciously set up with our very own camper! We were so excited and ready to enjoy the great outdoors. We are usually tent campers. But when the high is still in the nineties and low in the upper seventies an air conditioned camper is very inviting. :)

After getting out there and unloading all our things I thought a little kayaking was a great idea. My parents have this double kayak that I was in with Karina and her cousin Joseph. They also have a canoe and two other single kayaks. We brought our kayaks along as well. Our family is not lacking in the water toys. I love that they are the kind that don't cost any more money once you've bought them. :) And that they are actually a good way to exercise.

After some fun on the water we all gathered at mom and dad's camp site to have some yummy chili that I had the joy of making for everyone. It was so nice to bring it out in a crock pot and have it all ready when the troops got hungry. I made a quick salad and mom brought some cornbread. YUM!

Lovin' Karina's fancy seat here.

My dinner!

The kids chowed down.

We felt like kings and queens eating on the water even as we watched a dinner cruise leave it's dock.

Then we all climbed in the back of my dad's old truck to go over to the beach pier and see some fireworks.

Mom and Dad with the kiddies waiting for the show to start.

These little ladies thought an after dinner stroll was a nice idea.

Now don't laugh. We were pretty far away from the fireworks but we didn't mind. For we were only a short drive away from our campsite where we would start up a camp fire and enjoy some s'mores.

Let the marshmallow roast begin!


After s'mores we called it a night and went to get cozy in our camper. The next morning we thought we'd do it up right by making some eggs, sausage and biscuits for breakfast in our little camper kitchen.

I'd say these two enjoyed it quite a bit!

After making our bed up and leaving Karina to play with the cousins at Mom and Dad's site we took off for a nice bike ride around the park.

We were surprised to see this guy hanging out at the end of a wooden walk way out into a little lake. Don't worry we were a safe distance away. I have been down this walk way quite a few times and not seen any alligators. So this was neat.

Our ride took us by these beautiful dunes. We went over to the beach for a little while later on but I didn't bring the camera. But anyone who comes to my blog often knows that there is no lack of beach pictures here. :)

It was this little guys second time at the beach and I think he enjoyed it. He belongs to my brother and his sweet wife and we were blessed to celebrate his first birthday with him while they were down to visit.

Karina was completely in her element this weekend. She is quite the beach babe and water bug. And add to that all her wonderful cousins and she is in heaven. They searched for crabs, found starfish clinging to the rocks and just had fun in the sand.

My brother and his little guy took their first kayak ride together too. He's such a fun daddy and I know these two will have some amazing times together in the future!

It was so nice to see my hubby able to kick back and relax. He works so hard and yet loves spending family time with us. SO that was a huge blessing to me!

This lovely bird had picked this spot before we all moved in and ruined his peace and quiet. This is clearly where he chose to fish and I am sure if he could've talked he would've said, "Can you please choose somewhere else to have your little REUNION!"

But have our reunion we did. And God was so great to give us a night like this to capture a family photo of all of us together. Isn't that sky magnificent?!

We not only got a nice shot of each individual family. We got a great one of all of us!! A pretty amazing feat for a family this size. :)

Me and my sweetie.

My wonderful Mom and Dad who made this all happen.

I love this one of the cousins. God has truly blessed our family with all these precious kids and they are great friends too.

I'll end with this perfect scene. It couldn't have been a more lovely weekend and we are so grateful for the time with family. Thank you again Mom and Dad for everything. You bless us more then you know. And to God who REALLY made it all happen and gives us the gift of family and perfect sunsets like this one. All praise be to you Lord!

Soon to come some more water fun. Karina and I headed back out to the beach later that week to enjoy a boat ride and beach time.