Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I would like you to meet Mr. Amazing. He has this name for so many reasons. He is not only an amazing husband, an amazing father, and an amazing man of God. He is so much more. Mr. Amazing and I have been through so many things together. We have looked in great anticipation to the future and been blessed and burdened by it. We have walked many roads together and I look forward to all the roads we have yet to travel.

We have sat and contemplated the deep issues of life and we have run full speed through the vast ocean of fun and failures this life has shown us. And through it all I wouldn't want to spend one minute of it with anyone else. I want Mr. Amazing by my side through thick and thin, joy and in sorrow for all our tomorrows.

How did he become Mr. Amazing you ask? Well he has two amazing parents that have raised him to be the man he is. But most of all he has a heavenly Father that he trusts with his life and knows that he could do nothing apart from the Almighty hand of God working in and through Him to make him into this AMAZING man!
Mr. Amazing will be turning 29 tomorrow. And of all the years I hope this one will be the best as we together bask in the beauty, wonder, and joy this life holds when we are close to our AMAZING GOD!

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