Thursday, September 2, 2010

celebrating our girl!

Well I was going to try and get on here before August ended to actually post pictures of my girly's birthday, but it just didn't happen. Yet there is something that is so great about capturing life through photos when you can really relive it by looking back. So look back a couple weeks with me as I relive the fun we had with our sweet little lady.

This is what we did the morning of her actual birthday. We had some doughnuts and thought it would be fun to sing to her first thing. She thought it was a great idea.

Happy Birthday to you sweet Karina!

Then the fun was not over. Oh no. We had a very exciting day ahead starting with having a blast with my mom and some of Karina's cousins at a local water park. The day was lovely and we all had a wonderful time. I mean look at that sky!

We took a break for a picnic lunch and there were more yummy sweets to be had. It was the second round of the happy birthday song as my mom pulled out some tasty cupcakes she brought along to celebrate.

Ishen's face cracks me up here. It's like he is saying, "UH whose birthday is it again?"

After a fun little play time on the playground and a little more swimming we headed home for naps. We needed energy for the fun to come once daddy got home after all.

She opened one of her gifts from mommy and daddy that night. (The other being saved for the night of her party.)

She has really enjoyed these VTech books. So we added to her collection. And also threw in some fun Clifford computer games.

Then we were off to eat out and enjoy some fun at a great bowling alley with an arcade. Of course we hit up all the games and stuff first. She even collected enough tickets to pick out a few rings and a bracelet.

This was Karina's first time bowling and she loved it. It was the cutest thing to watch. She couldn't have been more excited when she knocked down pins and we cheered her on every time.

Daddy put himself first on the screen and showed us his moves.

Then he gave Karina a few pointers.

I think he skipped over the pointer that says your ball shouldn't be thrown into the air.

I love her "that ball better knock down something with all the work that took" look.

And success!

Patiently waiting her turn.

A quick pose with mommy.

Daddy decided that the ball guide would be the best choice from now on.

Daddy and his girl doing the happy dance when the pins fell down.

After a great game of bowling it was time for refreshment. So Karina chose the ice cream and daddy got himself a Icee.

Happy little bowler!

"I'm four years old! But this ice cream is more important than that."

So that was our fun day with the birthday girl. Hope you enjoyed the pictures. We sure enjoyed our time together.

That week we also ran over to Toys R' Us to use a little gift card Karina had recieved in the mail. We didn't know she would also get a crown and balloon when we were checking out. So that was special!

And the next week we were able to celebrate Daddy's birthday with a delicious peanut butter pie! Karina thought it was really fun to sing to him and no doubt thought it was birthday land around here because there was lots of talk about her party being that next day.

We were blessed to celebrate with a party, both Karina and Jeff's birthdays together, the next night with all our family. It was a wonderful time and I will be posting that very soon. So come back for that and I hope you are all having a great week. God bless you!


emily said...

SUCH a fun birthday!!! i LOVE the bowling pics. :) uncle brian and i were both cracking up at her ball in the air. we have to all go bowling together soon. i know the cousins would love it, and karina can show them exactly what to do. i love that four-year-old girl!!!

nancygrayce said...

Well, a four year old girl couldn't ask for a better birthday than that! I loved the bowling ball in the air too! I think I've probably done that a few times!

caknitter said...

Wow! Karina is one lucky little girl. Happy Birthday to Karina!
Btw, I love the musice you have playing in the background... very soothing.