Tuesday, July 20, 2010

terrific time

Or maybe my title should be "T-double E-double R-double I-double F-double I-double C. Last night we had the great pleasure of going out for a fun night with Karina's sweet Nana. She took us to a great little town on the beach to see a neat group performing the play "Charlotte's Web". It was the perfect night for it. The weather was beautiful and the acting was great!

We had grabbed some dinner on the way and had a little picnic when we got there. Karina was done eating by then and was ready to run and play with her cousins who also came with their mom and dad.

These precious little girls looked too sweet all dolled up walking through the crowd selling lemonade. I couldn't help but snap a picture of them.

Karina and Nana all ready for the play to start.

And it begins....

I got the greatest kick out of Templeton the rat. Karina's favorite was Charlotte. But they were all really good. We'll definitely have to read the book together.

Well the sun went down and we just sat for awhile and talked while the kids played some more. Then it was time for a treat before heading home. We were all in the mood for some yummy ice cream and this place had it!!

It really was a fun night and we've already talked about doing it again soon. This time to see another play. I'm sure ice cream and snuggling with Nana will be on the agenda then too. And I know Karina won't argue with that!

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Madison said...

Awww that sounds fun!!!I'm glad you had a good time! 2 DAYS KRISTIE 2 DAYS TILL WE COME!!! IM SO HYPED!!!!!