Saturday, July 17, 2010


I really can't believe how fast June went and I know I will turn around and say the very same thing about July and August too. It was really a fun filled month and so I hate to leave it out and not share anything from all the great times we had. SO! If you'd like to come along with me I will rewind the film of our life for you to enjoy.

The beach is so beautiful in the months of May and June here. It is starting to get rather warm, but fun can still be had making sand castles and playing in the waves. And so we hit the beach with daddy too. (Most of our beach days this year were while daddio was at work.)

And there's is nothing like some shaved ice on a hot summer day. This, below, is Karina's "YUM!" face.

Of course Daddy had to show off his talents with a spoon and Karina got a kick out of his silliness.

My sweet big girl!

Well the fun doesn't stop at the beach. Oh no. We have a really fun little water park close by as well. So after getting some tickets for a GREAT price from a friend of mine we headed out for some more water fun on another weekend. I was so blessed that my VERY pregnant sister and her two older kids were able to join us. We had a blast!!!

One really great thing about this park is that they had quite a few slides and things for kids to do that were Karina's age. She really had so much fun with her two cousins. This is Natalie and Karina waiting their turn for a cute little castle slide.

My handsome man hanging out to watch the girls come down.

And my oh-so-adorable pregnant sis who was more then willing to oblige me by standing next to this cute hippo. Doesn't he make her look tiny? Not that she needs anything to make her look tiny because she is just that! Almost looks like the hippo is laughing at her!

Sweet Joseph.

Mommy and son.

And here are the girls. This slide was one of the slowest there was! I think the kids might have ended up crawling down it to get out.

Beautiful Natalie!

Then came time for the lazy river ride. I missed out on the first time around because I wanted to take a few pictures before getting all wet.

And after that we moved on to the big wave pool. Tam and I were talking about how it reminds us of a great pool we used to go to in Germany that had waves too. Oh the memories! I love that we can share the old ones while making new ones together with our kiddos.

Before sticking the camera away so that I could have some fun in the water I walked around and had a good time snapping some more.

Then came time for lunch. We decided to do the less expensive route and bring a picnic lunch. It was a great way to take a break from everything and relax a little. So we headed back to the car. Tam and I kicked back in some chairs while the kids enjoyed the shade in the back of the car. Jeff took the front seat with the air keeping him comfy.

Karina and Joseph's faces crack me up!

My wrap. YUM!

We hit up a few more slides and one I even was able to go on with Natalie by ourselves. She is so much fun! It was the raging rapids and she did great! And we also did a family raft ride that Tam had to skip, being pregnant and all. But the kids loved it.

You can imagine that after all that we would be ready for a snack right? So ice cream it was. We found a nice little spot in the shade and savored every bite of that creamy, cold goodness.

I will end with this great picture of Joseph. I may have just asked him if he had fun or not. I can't remember. But I know they did and we did too. Thanks again Tam for coming along. It was wonderful having you there!
Stay tuned for more June fun. I was going to cram it all in one post, but it just might take me all day to get it on here if I tried. So I will go do something else for a bit, but will be back soon with some really great times from a little Marine Park close by. :) See you soon!


nancygrayce said...

You sure know how to have fun! Those kids looked like it just couldn't get any better!

BECKY said...

I can't always count on you to have some great pics Kris!! Looks like so much fun! I can't believe it is half way through July already either! Please pray that me and Maddy will be able to make the trip up there this week! I have a Drs. appt. at 1:30 on Monday to find out what is going on in my digestive system! UGH!! I hope all of this just goes away this year! I don't usually even get sick!!

Love and hugs to you,
Aunt Becky