Tuesday, July 20, 2010

here fishy fishy

One day a couple weeks ago now Jeff started talking about getting Karina her own fishing pole and taking her fishing. So when he actually came home with the cutest little pink pole and ready to spend the afternoon with his little girl Karina and I BOTH got excited. Me, that she could have some fun with her daddy. And her, that she could have some fun with her daddy. Ok, ok so mine meant a little quiet time to myself too but oh the look on her face when she saw her new gift. That too was a gift to me!
So they set out on her first fishing excursion. They had snacks. They had tackle(see her tiny pink tackle box?) They had nice comfy chairs to kick back in. They had bug spray. :) And best of all they had each other. And God added a great big cherry on the top because she CAUGHT HER FIRST FISH! I think the best part was that when she got home and told me all about it she actually told a fish tale complete with her arms held out bigger then the fish was and everything.
So this mommy was mighty proud. Even after I found out the true size of the fish. Our little girl is growing up so fast and I know this is just the beginning of many fun little fishing trips for them. I probably won't be going with them on some maybe most, but knowing they are having a great time together means so much!

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