Wednesday, July 7, 2010

ending with a boom

This was our oh so healthy breakfast on the 4th of July this year. We needed something quick, busy morning! I hadn't had pop tarts in FOREVER! SO when Karina I did a quick trip to Walmart the other day I thought these would be fun. Didn't even know that the blueberry ones would look red, white and blue. :) I also thought it was neat to find her a cute little patriotic t-shirt there to go along with the ones I got for me and Jeff.

Karina showing her pup some love while looking all patriotic in the sweet dress her Nana gave her.

Who needs sparklers with that twinkle in her eyes. :)

We had a great weekend. And actually saw two sets of fireworks. While on a family bike ride Saturday night we popped in on some friends of ours in the neighborhood. After chatting for a bit they told us they had a perfect view of fireworks from their driveway. SO we hung out for awhile, ate some ice cream and had a nice visit then watched the fireworks with them. It was great just sitting in a comfy chair with the company of friends and only being a short bike ride from home. And the fireworks were great!

Then after a busy Sunday we headed out for some more firework fun at a marina close by. This time we enjoyed the company of family and friends and of course had to do some sparklers!! The kids were so cute with them and nobody got poked or set on fire!

My little sparkler! Man I love her!

The men kicking back enjoying the snacks.

Karina loves her cousins.

Some of our friends had some fireworks of their own.

Karina saying, "hold onto your hats everyone!"

Loving these pretty long piggy tails!

Our fun big bunch. And Brian with the kids in awe of his laser pointer.

Our little family all ready for the show.

Loving this shot of my girl and her daddy who it seems sometimes like it was only yesterday that he was off in Iraq fighting for our freedoms. I will always remember the year that he was away from us and how that 4th of July stood out so much to me. While we watched the fireworks that day 7 years ago I could only think about the real bombs that the troops were dealing with everyday as each firework went off.

Now as I enjoy having my man close by and holding our daughter I can only think of all the other men and women and families that are sacrificing and have sacrificed as even our founding father's did so long ago for this freedom we so easily take for granted. May we always remember that true freedom is knowing God and being given freedom from sin and the bonds of such that so easily beset us. Even if our outward freedoms may be taken away. Nothing can separate us from the love of Christ!

May our lights so shine for Christ as do these lovely lights in the night sky!

These are my favorite. They keep twinkling even seconds after exploding in the air!

Thank you Lord for our freedom in you!

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