Friday, June 11, 2010


Yesterday we had a fabulous time at the beach. When we were driving into the state park we love to go to we came across this lovely scene with all these beautiful birds. It was so pretty to see them in such a perfect setting. So I asked my mom to stop the car so I could jump out and snap some quick pictures.

Then we headed over this little bridge as we have so many times before to behold the gorgeous blue green waters. Can you tell Indie was a little excited?

The whole crew went straight in to cool off and begin the search for shells. It's not a true day at the beach without a little shell searching.

Yes I was there! I just never get pictures of myself at the beach since I enjoy being the one to take pictures. :)

And the shell hunt continues as well as some snacking....

Indie was so excited to find this little hermit crab and wanted so badly to take him home. It took some convincing but she finally decided to let him go free and live a long happy life at the beach. Thank God!

She was so proud of herself for making this decision. I can hardly believe she will be six years old on Sunday. Time sure has flown by. I am so very blessed that my brother lives close by so that I can be a part of this sweet girls life.

Well after a hot shower and a nap at home I had plenty of energy to whip up a yummy dinner. We enjoyed telling Jeff about our day out and all the little details.

I was in the mood for some delicious coffee after putting the little one to bed. So that is just what I set out to make.

I LOVE this coffee scoop that my sweet sister in law brought back for me from their most recent trip to Disney. Looks like it is reaching out saying "Help me!" from the deep dark coffee bag. :)

Gotta love the little details that Disney puts into everything they do. I mean "Theme Perks" how cute!

So another wonderful day around our neck of the woods (or beach in our case). Hope you all have a great night.

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BECKY said...

Looks like so much fun Kris! Would love to be up there joining in !! We'll be there at the end of July, but only for 4 days!

Love you!
Aunt Becky