Friday, June 11, 2010


We had a great time today enjoying the pool at our friends villa. She is literally right down the street from us. So when Karina asked how long would it take to get there I was happy to say two minutes.

My friend Heather has a precious little girl a month older then Karina. So us mommies enjoy chatting while they play when they aren't making each other crazy like normal three year olds do. :)

After a bit of swimming we stopped for a snack. Then headed right back into the pool.

When we had our fill of swimming Heather made us a yummy lunch back at her place and we chatted some more while the girls played. Karina didn't want to leave so we are planning on going back real soon. :)

It was a wonderful time and I really enjoy Heather's company. God has blessed me with her as a friend. We have a lot in common and I hope we can spend a lot more time together. Don't you just love the girls sparkly flip flops?

Well we came home and took great naps and after a dinner of deep dish pizza and salad Karina and I enjoyed a board game together while Jeff took his motorcycle for a quick ride. Karina and I opted for mommy's bed tonight for reading books and I will say it was a very sweet time with my girl. And now I am off to relax with the man of the house. Hope you all have a great night and I will be back soon with some pics of our trip to a really fun water park tomorrow! Sweet dreams.

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BECKY said...

Just love your photos, gal! The flip flop one is adorable! Such cute little fancy feet!!

Glad you had a good time and love how much you love being MOMMY!!

HUGS to you all!
Aunt Becky