Monday, June 7, 2010


Last week we had lots of fun celebrating this sweet little girls birthday. Sensi is my brother's second daughter and how I love this little gal. She has such a fun little personality, but can also be very mischievous. Hence the short hair she tried to cut on her own. Really though she is such a blast and beautiful too. Her daddy made good use of these inflatable slides at his work and had her 4th birthday there. And the kids had a wonderful time!

Karina and Caroline having some cousin bonding.

Sweet sisters!


Joseph and Ishen doing some cousin bonding too. :)

I just love this smirk on her. Ignore the big trash can. We have quite a few cameras snapping at any one birthday in our family so I don't always get the best angle.

The proud daddy with his sweet big girl. I actually love the angle of this one.

All the cousins and friends watching and waiting for some of that yummy cake.

Ok so here is my child melting down. Truth be told I was melting too. It was hot! But in an effort to find some humor in this particular situation I had to take a picture before I tried to calm her down. Please don't accuse me of child neglect.

The happy birthday girl with Karina's gift to her. No joke I want one of these barbies too!! How cool is it that she rides a bike?

I couldn't resist these sweet shots of this cutie!! She loves her stuffed animals. I was the same way. :)

Her gift from her sweet Auntie Rhema. She really loved it Rhema and I thought you would like to see since you couldn't be there.

She got some other really sweet gifts too. And I thought my mom did a great job on this cake. She found the topper on some container at the store and thought it would make the perfect cake topper. It did!! The vines on the cake coming out from the flower were perfect too.

Then it was back to the slides. And Karina was happy again. She didn't even want to stop for lunch when I ran with my mom to grab some pizza for the kids. But we had a good time and I am so blessed to be in Sensi's life, to be called her Nuna and a continuous recipient of her love and hugs!