Saturday, June 5, 2010

lovin' it!

The beach that is. We are still enjoying gorgeous beach days here and this one was no exception. The breeze was blowing nicely and it did make for some rather good sized waves, but we enjoyed it none the less. I did realize after awhile of holding these two little ladies that my arms couldn't handle it for too long while bouncing around each time a rolling wave came at us. But it was a lovely day and the water was spectacular! Hope you enjoy....


caknitter said...

Your pictures of the beach are so beautiful. I hope the oil doesn't reach your part of the country. It would be so sad to see clumps of oil on your clean beach.
Your daughter is adorable as usual and getting so big. Capturing her childhood in pictures is the best.
Have a great weekend!

Madison said...

Your photos are great! I'm glad your having good weather as we are having terrible.:( It rains every day and it has for about a week!:( But that's why were coming to you!LOL I'm mad because were probably not going to get our inheritance till Christmas time and I want my camera before we leave for there:( But at least I get a camera I just have to be patient which I am TERRIBLE at! Miss ya!

Love, Madison