Wednesday, June 2, 2010

i'm ready

We had a lovely Memorial Day weekend and I hope you all did too. Things have been busy but good around here and I am a little tired from it all. But it is a good tired. I have enjoyed sweet times with family and friends and just soaked up all the love the Lord is showing me He has for His children.
Over the weekend we spent a fun night out with my brother and his wife who were in town. After a really delicious dinner we headed to the movie theater and the girls went to a girlie movie while the guys went to a guy movie. I must say it was more fun then my husband sitting there and me knowing he was making himself suffer the whole time. :)
We ran some errands and then went out to have some REALLY fun family time! I will share more on that later. After a long day of chores and fun we got a pizza and chilled. It was perfect.
And just when you thought we couldn't fit more into our weekend we had a great family lunch at my mom's and hosted some really sweet choir kids that were in town on choir tour for a night. I stayed up till midnight with these gals and let me tell you they were a blast.
Our Memorial Day was filled with time in the yard and being refreshed in the pool at our friends house. That night we enjoyed the company of my sister in law and her adorable little boy as well as the next day and night too. The second night was a fun girl night here!
Today we took them to the airport and said our goodbyes. Went to the store to buy cake mix for some sweet little cupcakes we were making for my nieces birthday party tomorrow. Came home ate leftovers (YUM) for lunch and I laid my little lady down and whipped those up.
So it's been great, but like I said I am tired!! We aren't going anywhere tonight or tomorrow until my nieces birthday after 6pm. SO I think I will lay out in our kiddie pool all day tomorrow. But to get on to the meaning of the title of this post if you are still with me. I'm ready to hit the beach again. I'm ready to sit and watch my little one play in the low waves. I'm ready to watch her and her cousins search for shells. I am ready to feel the coolness of the beautiful water we have here. I am even ready to see two little girls on their hands and knees pretending they are puppies while crawling around in the sand. :) Sounds great right? I think so.

Hope you are all enjoying lovely moments with your dear ones. And never forgetting all the many gifts that God gives us starting with the simple beauty of waking up to the sunshine in a new day He has made!

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