Monday, June 7, 2010


Last Friday night I was so blessed when my mother in law wanted to take our little lady out for a show and a treat. That meant that we were "forced" to go on a lovely little date. :) SO we headed to Target for some birthday presents to give the cousins. Then my husband suggested we go and eat at one of my favorite little places downtown. The Cheese Barn. We love their soup and salad! That night it was lobster bisque yum!

So we sat and ate while chatting about our day. It was perfect. And after that as we walked out of the cafe the sky became gray with clouds and the wind started blowing something fierce! So we quickly made our way to the car before the rain came a tumbling down. I seriously thought we might just see a twister a comin'! Because we are thrill seekers, well not quite, we headed over to watch the lightning over the water down at the marina.
Our fun night was finished off by running to a drive thru to get some coffee and heading home to relax. I love that it was a bit spontaneous and thank you again mom!!

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