Monday, June 7, 2010

bow WOW!

Oh the creative mind that goes a stirring when a little ones birthday is approaching. This time that creative mind was my sisters'. Once she heard from her 8 year olds lips that she wanted a DOG party she got to work. And the result was something great!

She arranged to have the party at an adorable little ice cream shop that will host your party and do most of the work. SO it was perfect! My sister made the cake and I was able to help out a bit too.

When you walk in this sweet shop you are greeted with a little area where the kids can play. I loved this little chess board table and stools.

The shop looked great filled with balloons and doggy deco. The mother/daughter team that own this shop have it painted in such fun colors.

I really loved this idea of a bar with a chalk board on top!! The kids did too as you can see.

Some really yummy doggy food I had fun making for the special occasion. The recipe is Human Puppy Chow.

When the kids were arriving Tam (my sis) and I drew doggy faces on them and then she passed out some doggy ears that she and Natalie (the birthday girl) made. We even topped it off with some little paper collars with tags for their names. They were soooooo cute!!

Lovin' this little pup!

One of the games was pin the tail on the puppy. And although Karina didn't even come close she sure had fun trying.

This little gal, Katie, is a good friend of Natalie's and we picked her up and brought her with us. She is another really sweet 8 year old and I think she had a lot of fun that night. Notice her sweet puppy earrings she wore for the occasion!

I think this shot of Natalie with her doggy pinata is too fun. The kids sure had a great time whacking away at it!

Tam also made and decorated all these precious puppy cup cakes. Yes, she was one busy little momma even with a lot of the work done by the shop.

And how great is this dog bowl cake!? I still can't get over how cute it turned out. I am so very proud to be the auntie of this precious girl. She is so smart and fun. She has a love for people and the Lord that blesses me so. She is a book lover and I hope she is enjoying the book we gave to her for her special day along with all the other wonderful things she was given.

I was blessed that my hubby could join us for this sweet celebration. And don't you just love those sparkly green curtains and the bright yellow wall? I do!

And it wouldn't be a dog party without some puppy chow to go. Of course I made way more than this and I am loving having leftovers!

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