Friday, June 25, 2010


I love the sequence of these pictures from our Father's Day weekend. And even more then that I love how Karina is out of focus while running to her daddy. It is such a sweet reminder that when I am running to my heavenly Father in joy or sorrow that He should be the one in focus and not me. Just thought I'd share. :)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

daddy's girl

Just wanted to hop on here real quick like and say hope you all have a fabulous Father's Day. We are having a wonderful weekend and I just sent this picture in to Walmart a little bit ago to get a few printed out for some cards. My Dad, father in law and husband don't read my blog so I am in no way showing them what their card will look like. I thought it would be fun to write inside "Pucker up 'cause your getting some kisses for Father's Day!"

This is a shot that I LOVE from today. We headed out to the beach for a picnic lunch and a little swimming in the surf and it was great! Karina hasn't enjoyed daddy's company at the beach for quite some time. So today was a real treat. It was so precious for me to sit and watch the two of them and how much they love each other. They just have so much fun and I am so blessed to have this awesome man in my life. I am so very blessed too that the Lord saw fit to make him a father and what a good one he is!

After all the fun on the beach we cruised on over to some shops and got some shaved ice. YUM!These two really melt my mamma's heart and I couldn't ask for more!

Friday, June 11, 2010


We had a great time today enjoying the pool at our friends villa. She is literally right down the street from us. So when Karina asked how long would it take to get there I was happy to say two minutes.

My friend Heather has a precious little girl a month older then Karina. So us mommies enjoy chatting while they play when they aren't making each other crazy like normal three year olds do. :)

After a bit of swimming we stopped for a snack. Then headed right back into the pool.

When we had our fill of swimming Heather made us a yummy lunch back at her place and we chatted some more while the girls played. Karina didn't want to leave so we are planning on going back real soon. :)

It was a wonderful time and I really enjoy Heather's company. God has blessed me with her as a friend. We have a lot in common and I hope we can spend a lot more time together. Don't you just love the girls sparkly flip flops?

Well we came home and took great naps and after a dinner of deep dish pizza and salad Karina and I enjoyed a board game together while Jeff took his motorcycle for a quick ride. Karina and I opted for mommy's bed tonight for reading books and I will say it was a very sweet time with my girl. And now I am off to relax with the man of the house. Hope you all have a great night and I will be back soon with some pics of our trip to a really fun water park tomorrow! Sweet dreams.


Yesterday we had a fabulous time at the beach. When we were driving into the state park we love to go to we came across this lovely scene with all these beautiful birds. It was so pretty to see them in such a perfect setting. So I asked my mom to stop the car so I could jump out and snap some quick pictures.

Then we headed over this little bridge as we have so many times before to behold the gorgeous blue green waters. Can you tell Indie was a little excited?

The whole crew went straight in to cool off and begin the search for shells. It's not a true day at the beach without a little shell searching.

Yes I was there! I just never get pictures of myself at the beach since I enjoy being the one to take pictures. :)

And the shell hunt continues as well as some snacking....

Indie was so excited to find this little hermit crab and wanted so badly to take him home. It took some convincing but she finally decided to let him go free and live a long happy life at the beach. Thank God!

She was so proud of herself for making this decision. I can hardly believe she will be six years old on Sunday. Time sure has flown by. I am so very blessed that my brother lives close by so that I can be a part of this sweet girls life.

Well after a hot shower and a nap at home I had plenty of energy to whip up a yummy dinner. We enjoyed telling Jeff about our day out and all the little details.

I was in the mood for some delicious coffee after putting the little one to bed. So that is just what I set out to make.

I LOVE this coffee scoop that my sweet sister in law brought back for me from their most recent trip to Disney. Looks like it is reaching out saying "Help me!" from the deep dark coffee bag. :)

Gotta love the little details that Disney puts into everything they do. I mean "Theme Perks" how cute!

So another wonderful day around our neck of the woods (or beach in our case). Hope you all have a great night.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Some of my big likes lately....

I haven't made these in quite a while and I really do like them. They are tuna cakes with fresh made mango salsa. A lovely way to end the day especially when my man and little lady really like them too. They are pretty fast and in the time it takes to cook the corn and whip up some slaw they are done. YUM!

We enjoyed a great day at my mom's. She never ceases to bless me so and today was just that. A blessing. She is always an encouragement, a beautiful example of God's love toward others. And even when she is discouraged and in need of encouragement herself it only makes her that much more lovable and because she's real.

Well today after being at her house for less then thirty minutes we decided to hop in the car together with the kids and run over to a little thrift store down the street from her. The store is called Good Cents. And I think that not only applies to the fabulous things you can find in there if you just look but also to what the people have that shop there. :) It is pretty much a shop filled with bins that you have to search through. But man if you take the time to look you can really find some great things.

Today I came away with this pretty pink top and shoes. And just check out how perfectly the shoes go with it!! I couldn't have been more excited.

Then I came across this light and airy white shirt that will be perfect for the beach and when I am ready to cover my shoulders after getting some sun. But it could also be used to dress up some jeans.

I love the detailing and if you could only feel the fabric. OH SO SOFT!

I also was able to pick up a few pairs of great pants for Karina as well as maybe five little toys that she picked out. It really is a fun place for kids to sift through too. So we had a fun time and when we added it all up it only came to $6! Told you you could hit some deals. And really pay "cents" for most of what you get. I REALLY like that!!

We all worked up an appetite and headed to mom's again for lunch and play time. We just so enjoyed ourselves and I came home this afternoon to a very clean house. The day before I had worked like crazy doing all kinds of chores. It's always worth it, but MAN I HATE scrubbing my shower. :)

This is a sweet treat I never shared with you but I received it back on Mother's Day from my dear mother in law. It is also one of my "likes". It does a great job of holding all my knitting projects and it so light weight that I just grab it and take it where ever I decide to plant myself for some relax time and the music of clicking needles.

It is so roomy and I love the pink and polka dots. You can even wash the fabric part and it all collapses into a nice little shape for packing away.

Some sweet little baby gifts I am working on, but you know how much I like doing those. :)

really liking the BIG purple K!!

Another one of my great likes lately are these wonderful beads. They are made far away in Uganda and proceeds go to a great ministry. Can you believe they are only made of paper? I know amazing right? Well I now have four lovely strands and am so privileged to wear something made by the precious hands of the Ugandan women.

Check out that great detail!

Fresh mowed grass is another thing I really like. Even if it is mixed with multiple weeds. It's green.

Fresh basil and mint growing in a big pot right outside my back door is pretty great too. I think the bugs would agree with me since something has been munching away on a few of the leaves here and there. But as long as they leave plenty for me it's fine.

Hope you all are enjoying some of the things you like too and I hope you had a great day. Get some rest. Tomorrow is another great gift from God above just waiting to be opened and enjoyed!