Thursday, May 13, 2010

a little bit of silly

Man I love these kids and man are they growing up! I love that Karina has so many cousins so close by and I love how much she loves them! These little people were complete entertainment for me the other day when we asked their mommy if they could come over for awhile. They went from the pool to the sand box to the play house and kitchen and really had a great time. And man were they silly as you can clearly see in the two pictures above!

In the sand box they built this masterpiece all by hand. It took them hours! JUST KIDDING! Karina's wonderful Aunt Em brought home a couple really cool sand toys for her from Disney World this last week and we tried out the castle bucket and to our delight it made this! It is the PERFECT way to build a sand castle in a little sand box!!! I love it! And that is from someone who doesn't feel like it has been a trip to the beach unless a sandcastle has been made. :)

Of course they served me while I sat and watched their little minds at play. Not sure what was in this pot but I pretended to eat it and got a big smile every time.

And I did a little bit of this. So you can see what a hard day I had. :)

Hope you all are enjoying some fun sunny days too and taking in all the wonder that our little ones bring!


emily said...

those make me laugh. :) i'm so glad my kids love y'all so much!!!!!!!! i'm also glad the castle sand mold works so beautifully. :) can't wait to build a castle village with you at the beach soon! thanks sooooo much for watching them. it's your turn for a free day next week!! :)

Madison said...

OH FUN!!!! Their great!!! I have been at Disney A LOT cuz we got the FL resident deal so we get to go back 4 times... so I'm fixing to do a post on that!