Friday, May 21, 2010


Take a big whiff. Can you smell it? Get a little closer. No? Well how I wish you could. These precious little white blooms have been gracing my backyard for a few weeks now and I am loving the beautiful scent they add to the breeze!

My sweet friend Heather gave me these plants almost two years ago now (I think) and they are really starting to take off on my fence. Thank you Heather!! I have always loved this flowering vine and am so glad to have some on two sides of my backyard. You really can smell it when the breeze picks up and there is nothing like it!

When we lived in CA I had a beautiful mini white rose vine that climbed all over a trellis. It smelled lovely just like this jasmine does. So every now and then I am transported back there and it is a wonderful memory. I really do love to plant things and watch them grow, but I prefer things that, once they are planted and established, don't need much attention except being admired. I can do that in the comfort of a cushy patio chair. :) Are there things you've planted and can sit back and enjoy too. Do tell!

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Heather said...

awwww glad you could take them off my hands! I love the smell of those and the the gardenias in bloom!!