Saturday, April 17, 2010

strawberry time!

Can you tell this little lady enjoyed strawberry picking? OK so maybe she ate more then she picked but she had a great time doing just that!! You don't need more proof then that messy face and a juice dripped on shirt! We have been enjoying the most beautiful weather and yesterday was gorgeous for heading to the strawberry fields where you can pick to your hearts content and then enjoy all that sweet yumminess and some other fun things down on the ranch. I will be back really soon to share more pictures of the great time we had. All of Karina's sweet cousins were there too and she sure loves her time with them. I am off to knit and relax with my hubby but check back for more fun in the sun!! Oh and I might just have to have strawberry shortcake two nights in a row. Wouldn't want any of those lovely berries to go bad now would we? :)


Wendy said...

Wish we were there! I can't eat strawberries, but I have recently discovered that the boys can, and they LOVE them. They would love to pick them, I'm sure. I've been enjoying all your warm weather adventures. We had to turn the heat back on for a few minutes tonight, but hopefully it will warm up a little (but not too much) soon.

Jen Green said...

Oh man!!! We picked Strawberries last year and I was really looking forward to that but I guess I'm going to miss it this year. Bummer! I'm glad you had a nice time. Miss you guys.