Friday, April 2, 2010

spring time fun

First up were some funny bunny masks! We keep things hoppin' round here. :)

Then we had to color some eggs. I always loved this growing up and now to have a little lady who loves it too makes it all the better!

After I found these cookie cutters for half off I knew we had to make some springtime cookies. So I whipped up that gingerbread recipe I love so much and we cooked some up. All the kids loved decorating them when we had my mom and the cousins over.

I love getting some new blooms for my pots around the house come spring. This little lady is quite the gardener already wanting to help with all the watering.

When the cousins arrived the first thing we did was an egg hunt. They loved it! See how they can't wait to get out the door?

Looking at the goodies inside....

I love these kids! And aren't those buckets too cute? Thank you dollar bins at Target!

Just another look at some new flowers around the house.

Who wants to stay inside on a day like this?!

Not him!

Loving these lovelies that come up every year!!

And then what is a gorgeous spring day without lunch on the patio with one of my favorite people! MOM!

Of course after that we did head in for some cookie fun and fun it was!!

Hope you all are enjoying lovely weather and some springtime fun too!! The beautiful flowers, the colorful eggs, the fun little bunny cookies, to me are all a sweet reminder of new life all around us. And we are looking so forward to celebrating the real reason for new life, Christ our Lord risen on that wonderful Easter morning!! A reason to rejoice everyday!


BECKY said...

What great spring fun, Kris!! You are just the best Aunt in the world!!! All your little nieces and nephews are so blessed to have you!!

Love all of your photos!

And Oh. My. Goodness. The photos from your getaway are WONDERFUL!!
I'm so glad you had a great time away!! Of course I LOVE all of the bird pics, and the old boat, and, and, and!!! Overload on eye candy, girl!! I have to come back to enjoy them again!

Love to you!
Have a joyful Easter!!
Aunt Becky

Madison said...

How fun!! Those kids are growing to fast anyway! I can't wait to get up there and by plane too! I'm just so glad we don't have to drive... I mean a 45min flight! Ahhhhh so much relief!LOL Great photos too! Me and Sam are planning to get the Nikon Coolpix l110! We colored eggs yesterday too! And just woke up today seeing my basket on the bar! Time for CHOCOLATE!LOL My Lindor truffles... AKA best candie ever!!! Have a great Easter!

Love, Madison