Friday, April 16, 2010

a little more

I thought I would get on here and do one more post of our springtime fun in April before it's not April anymore. And also before you are all subject to a million and one beach posts since that is what we do around here once the weather is beautiful. And it is! SO....

We had lots of fun decorating these cookies and I think my little lady had even more fun eating them. I really can't tell you how VERY tasty this gingerbread recipe is. It goes so perfectly with a big glass of milk (almond milk for us.) Or even more splendid with a delicious cup of coffee. I still have one more batch of dough in the fridge so we may pull it out again for mother's day and make some more flowers.

A couple weeks ago Karina's Nana called us up to let us know that someone had brought some sweet little chicks to her school and that we could come and see them. So we ran some errands, grabbed some lunch and headed over to check them out. Oh and we thought Nana would just love our little chick-in-the-egg cookies too! So we wrapped some up just for her.

The chicks were too cute and my little animal lover even cuter holding them so gently. She really does love animals and I could see her owning a farm one day.

Now this next little sweet treat we made was probably more for me then Karina I will admit. I LOVE peanut butter and butterscotch mixed together. Top that off with something crunchy and some chocolate on top and I am one happy gal. SO we had a good time making these one day and then wrapping up half of them to give away to friends and family so mommy didn't end up with a tummy ache. :)

And of course there is much anticipated egg hunt at Nana's house every year. This year we did it on Saturday and it was great. It is so funny to see the kids run all around trying to find these little fun colored eggs and then give them a little shake to see what's inside. Kids love hunting for stuff. Karina's last birthday was fun with a bug hunt that the kids went crazy over. I even had one of her cousins ask me if we could "do that all over again" after the party was over. Then my sis did a treasure hunt for her son's party and they went crazy over that too! The only way I can relate to that now is when I go shopping and find a really great deal! Come on I know there are other "hunters" out there too. :)

Well after these sweet cousins finished collecting we headed to the Sheriff's office (Pappy's workplace) where another less skill requiring egg hunt was about to start. It cracked me up that this one was behind barbed wire and inside a CRIME SCENE taped off area. Now if we only had them all dressed like little jail birds. :) It probably took all of two minutes and then we were free to enjoy a yummy cookout and another game for the big kids (adults).

Just so you know the wind was blowing this sign so it was a little hard to take a picture of.

Karina sure loves her Pappy!

We ended the fun with a water balloon toss that I wasn't all that sure about. I played softball twenty years ago in middle school and had a pretty good arm back then. Now? Not so much. So when Jeff looked at me like he wanted to play I was a little nervous knowing that we would probably bust ours in the first few throws. Much to my surprise we were one of the last two couples left and won the second place prize! It was a great gift card to a nice restaurant. Which reminds me I need to hit my man up for a dinner out!
As you can see we have been having some fun. Tomorrow we are headed to the strawberry fields to do some pickin' and eatin' so I will snap some pictures of that. Karina and I went last year but only to see the animals and buy an already picked basket of berries. SO this year will be Karina's first at picking her own and she can't wait. So come by again soon!

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Kristi said...

Love these! Makes me crave some sweets :)

I love Karina's beautiful long hair :) Love to you!