Monday, April 26, 2010

great finds

Last weekend we went out shopping. Jeff needed a few things at Home Depot and Karina and I felt like getting out too. So we went along, but found something a little more fun to do while daddy went in "his" store. :) So we walked over to Pier One. I hadn't been in there in awhile and just planned to browse and not buy. Well that changed after I found these! You see that lovely little red tag on them? These beauties were marked down from $4.95 to $.48!!! Yay for me!

I had been wanting to get some new place mats for our new table that seats six since our last table only sat four. Because of that I had only ever bought four place mats at a time. So these were PERFECT! I loved the colors and patterns and don't they go well with my crazy bright tulips?! I think they are great for Spring and Summer and couldn't be happier. So that made my day.

Then my little mini shopper found something that caught her eye. She had never looked through a kaleidoscope before and was taken with all the pretty colors. So at only a few dollars we got it. She looked through it the whole way home and then some more.

Hope you all are enjoying all the pretty colors around you too!

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