Friday, March 19, 2010

sweet saturday

Last Saturday we went for a family bike ride. It was a beautiful day! The wind was pretty strong but we enjoyed the sun and got a workout at the same time. :) With the wind at my back it was a lovely ride. I was playing the glad game while pedalling my bike against the wind with Karina in the child's seat on the back of my bike and my basket in the front filled with our little cooler and picnic blanket. Let's just say I had a little wind resistance. But with Karina singing sweetly in my ears the entire time it was lovely and the wind made me slow down a bit and enjoy my surroundings even more.

I know Jeff looks so happy here right? :) It was even more windy at the marina we rode to so I think he was ready to leave and keep on going. As we rode we were also enjoying all the gorgeous trees that are blooming right now. I had to stop a snap some pictures of this one.

Karina loved stopping at this little lake to feed the ducks and then we rode on to the park for a picnic and some play time.

She loves this slide and I lost count she went down it so many times!

I hope you all are enjoying sunny days and I will have another fun Saturday post really soon! :)

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