Wednesday, March 31, 2010

our little getaway

Well here it finally is and I will say it's a long one. We had such a great time it was hard to narrow down all my pictures. So if you have the time and the patience then let me take you on a tour of a quaint old fishing town. This post will be mostly pictures since I do not have the time to sit and write in great detail. But I hope you enjoy seeing bits of our trip as much as we enjoyed going on it!

When we arrived we checked into our very quaint hotel, dropped our bags off and headed out to walk the shops before enjoying the wine reception at the place we stayed.

Back again to taste the wine and hear a little history about the buildings.

I was loving the details!

Out walking to a really good place to eat.

And here we are....

Our view was of the bay and a shrimp boat. I loved it!

And then the feast began....

Once back at our hotel we got comfy and I gave my man his anniversary gift. A great photo album I had made! We sat back and looked through it, watched a movie and then enjoyed the great jacuzzi tub we had (no pictures of that). :)

The next day we slept in and then headed to breakfast in the hotel dining area after I snapped some quick pics of all the wonderful details of this place.

After we ate we came back to our room, packed up our things and decided to take a leisurely bike ride around town with the complimentary bikes our hotel offered.

I was loving the front porch on this old place.
And also this old mail box!

This is the lobby and the dining room of our charming Inn.

Going to find the bike shed...

We rode all around taking pictures and just enjoying a gorgeous day!!!

We also poked in a few shops and this one alone I could devote a whole post to. It was only after going in and turning the corner in the very back of the store did I realize they had YARN!

Well I only came out with one skein and some buttons. Ask me to tell you the funny button story sometime. :) And can you find Jeff? He was into all the great books and even found one to bring home with us.

After popping in a few more stores and buying a bird (I'll show you later), we rode a little more.

Once we had our fill of riding we turned the bikes in and drove on over to a great little island. We ate a wonderful lunch and then went hunting for some photo opportunities.

Loved this sweet little couple hanging out on the beach.

Funny little note here: After we had eaten our lunch and were just enjoying the ocean breeze I noticed a couple get up to leave and the husband was carrying some bird watching books. I laughed and told Jeff that that was us in thiry years. But really it could be us now. We both have really come to enjoy watching and taking photos of all kinds of coastal bird life. So here are some we captured that weekend.

After leaving the island and starting to make our way home we came upon another little hidden waterside community that we had to take a peek at.

So there you have it! Me and my man after five wonderful years enjoying a lovely little time away. I hope and pray for many more and no matter what the Lord brings our way I know that I always want to be with this man and I only hope to bless him as much as he blesses me!

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dh said...

oh my gosh! This place looks so amazing!!! I can not believed I have lived in North Fl my whole life and have not been here. I am going to have to plan a trip.

Thanks for sharing!! It is so pretty there and looks like ya'll had a great time!