Friday, March 19, 2010

fabulous friday

Last Friday we had a wonderful time meeting some sweet friends for some fun. The kids rode rides and had a blast while us mom's got to chat a bit. Karina loved this airplane ride but got a little upset the second time when I wasn't in it to make it go up. She just couldn't muster the strength to go up up and away. So we moved onto the carousel...

And the balloons....

I think the ferris wheel was our favorite and look at that view!

It was so great to spend this time with my little lady and I really enjoyed the time with our friends. After getting our fill of the rides we went over to the shops where we bought some yummy candy in the candy store and a delicious lunch at a little place right next door.

The kids had some fun in the fountains and then we said our goodbyes and thanked our friends for a great time. I would love to do it again soon and can't get enough of this beautiful weather or great company!!

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