Wednesday, March 3, 2010

70 years!

A couple weekends ago now we were so very blessed to go visit my husbands dear grandparents and also celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary! Is that wonderful or what!? I mean think of all that these two beautiful people have been through and seen together. My little brain can't even contain the range of emotions and experiences they must have had together. They have four beautiful children, two grandchildren (four including their wives) and four precious great grandchildren.

When Granddaddy was asked, "What is the key to making a lasting marriage?" He simply and yet so powerfully pointed to His heavenly father. He didn't have to even say a word and yet we were all so very moved and couldn't agree more that that is what it takes.

I am so grateful for this precious couple, for all the Lord has done in their lives and for the legacy they have given to us and our children as we grow and are nurtured in the very love that has grown them into such a plentiful and fruitful work for the Lord! And so we praise Him!!

This cake was so lovely and so sentimental too. That cake topper was the very same one that adorned their wedding cake so many years ago.

Our day was a lot of fun (minus the stressful times my very tired daughter brought on). We decided to take our new puppy so that the family could meet him. He was great for the whole trip and got lots of attention. He and Aunt Joanie's dog Bailey had some fun together.

Although I am sure at the end of the day Bailey was glad to have her house and yard back to herself. :)

Aunt Pam had a good time with him too!

After we cut the cake and were all sitting around enjoying each others company my sister in law thought it would be fun to record the grandparents answering some questions about their life together. This was really precious and I am so glad we did it! The answers to where they met, when they fell in love and how Granddaddy proposed will all be there for their great grand kids to see some day when they too are enthralled by the love story that was written long ago.

Still holding on tight 70 years later!

A beautiful family!

Looking back..

It was also coming up on Grand mommy's birthday so we celebrated that too. I had just finished a cowl that week and thought it would be the perfect gift for her.

The gift we gave them for their anniversary was awesome and I will have to share that in another post.

Loving this picture of Karina's cousin Caroline. We might just have another dog lover in the making, but I know her mommy will appreciate her having her doggy times at our house instead of theirs. :) She was really cute with how she would love on him and then back away unsure of what he would do next.

I'll leave you with these pretty flowers that the grand kids gave the grandparents. I love these flowers and how long they last, but they are such a reminder that what really last is not on this earth.
"The grass withers and the flowers fall, but the word of our God stands forever."
Isaiah 40:8


nancygrayce said...

What a sweet couple! And what a great example!

emily said...

so my feed reader just now updated all your recent posts.... not sure what that was about! :) so now i can catch up on your life. haha. as if we don't talk all the time. :) just had to comment about caroline being a dog lover. she is more than welcome to go to your house annnnytime she wants some dog-lovin'. that's about as good as it's gonna get for her. :)