Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Gettin' Crafty!

A few weeks ago now we had a wonderful girl's craft night at our church hosted by a very sweet lady that is very crafty and creative. And let me just say she has the crafty materials!! I guess she almost felt embarrassed that she had so much because she said just that, but it sure did make for a wonderful time of card making fun! And I know that she like the rest of us finds things when they are really good deals.

I have a few stamps in my small collection at home, but I had so much fun using the amazing ones she had! She and I even had the same initials for our first and last name's so I had a ball making some monogrammed cards for myself with her wonderful letter stamps. But there was so much more I would've made had I stayed a little later.

But I am convinced as I hope she was too that we definately need to make this a regular thing that the ladies of our church get together to do. So much of the time we say hi and goodbye at church to people that we would really enjoy spending some time with. So this kind of get together "makes" those times of fellowship that I believe we really need, but sometimes feel bad leaving our families to do.

It really was great seeing all the talent these dear ladies had and how we feed off of each others ideas. What a great picture in something so small of how the body of Christ works. We can truly make some beautiful things when we all work together.

There was ribbon galore! And you won't believe it but I didn't use any! I know shame on me! But like I said another time and I will for sure.

There was even a whole display of Valentine ideas which I should have taken advantage of because the other day in the store while looking at some I was thinking how I could make some that I liked so much better.

And of course what is some girl time without the sweets! I had some of the most amazing cupcakes in the world!! They were chocolate with Kahlua in them!? WOW! They were to good to be true. And then I topped them with a little fudge sauce and a Reece Piece or two! I NEED the recipe! Ok I will rephrase that to I WANT!

But most of all it was just some really sweet and fun fellowship with some great friends that I really am blessed to know and spend time with! God has been so good to allow me the honor of being in these ladies lives and share not only fun times with them, but also have them as sister's in Christ that we may lift each other up and talk about things that really matter. Each one of them are different and so special and I truly think God delights to see us delighting in each other! So I hope you have the time to delight in a dear friend today!


Wendy said...

Our church has just decided to do a monthly craft night. The first one will be later this month. A few very generous ladies will be donating the supplies, and all we have to bring is a treat to share. I'm so excited. I don't care what we're making. I just want to get some good ideas and spend some time with the ladies of our church. Seeing your cards makes me really excited about it!

Rachel said...

Hey Kristi! Great post on craft night! I was just reading a blog yesterday that was describing how we glorify God by delighting in the things that bring us pleasure. (She was studying A.W. Tozier's book, The Pursuit of God) and he delights in us getting pleasure from doing the things we love. I think you described it pretty well in your post! I had a fun time this night too! It was great to see and talk to you!p.s. love your knit caps! I LOVE the one you made for Daniel and will have to order another one for baby # 2 hopefully one day ;)