Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Em"barking" on a new adventure!

I know my title is a little cheesy, but it was that or "ruffing" it round here!
Yes, we have become a dog family. We found this little guy a few weeks ago on a site that has animals up for adoption. The organization that he came from is one that uses foster homes for pets instead of running an actual shelter. They are non-profit and they rescue animals from other high kill shelters.

We have named him Jazz and the name fits. Though he is a puppy and can be very playful now that he is getting used to us, he still has a very laid back temperament. He has done really well with house training with only a few mishaps here and there. And he does great at night only whining for a few minutes after being put in his kennel for bed.

Anyone that knows Karina knows that she is more then excited! She wakes up every morning and ask to play with the puppy. I am glad that we decided to get a dog right now so that she can grow up with him and we as a family can get used to an animal in the house before and if we get pregnant again.

He seems to have taken to us quite well and I know he will bring loads of fun in the days to come. I can tell that Jeff is really enjoying him too. I also think he will encourage us to exercise as a family. We have already decided to walk him every day even though I know that plan will fail at times. :) He is a retriever mix so he might end up walking us at some point.

I hope everyone is having fun times too in this new year and who knows what else God has in store for us all. But praise be to Him who has planned all our days before there was one of them. Happy Wednesday!


Jackie said...

He is SO adorable! Look at those eyes and that little blond spot under his mouth! I am sure Karina is beyond thrilled! Congrats on the puppy, and I thought the title was cute!

BECKY said...

Aaww!! What a cutie!! Those are some big paws to grow into!!! Karina may be able to put a saddle oon him and go for a ride!!

Love your header pic, Kris!! Too sweet!

Love ya girl!
Aunt Becky

dabney said...

he is such a cute, sweet puppy! Love him! so excited for ya'll!

Heather said...

cute cute!! I love his eyes!!

Madison said...

YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited! I can't wait to come up there in July to see him
! He is soooo adorable!I know Karina and right when I saw the post I new she was soooo excited!

Tam said...

Love him nuna!!!! he is a cutie pie!!!! i love his face nuna! love natalie