Monday, August 31, 2009

Dreaming of Fall....

.....and this! Might have to make some soon with my pear preserves.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fabulous flowers!

Here are some of my favorite flower pics from the mountains of North Carolina. I am awestruck by the artist that God is! I love taking these photos and making cards with them. So stay tuned for I may do a giveaway soon of a lovely package of cards.

There is such an amazing beauty in how each of these are so different, just as the Lord makes all of us.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Oh what a night!

Well there is the birthday boy in all his biking glory. We both had such a great time riding together and also enjoyed a lovely dinner by the shore. Something about being able to (and having to for safety reasons) hug your husband on a forty five minute drive to where you are headed that is so romantic. :) After a great ride, a little tiny bit of rain, and enjoying the views we arrived at our destination. This VERY beachy restaurant.

We had both been here before so we knew the food was good and the view just the same. Love the thatch roof.

Got ourselves a very yummy appetizer and just enjoyed chatting while taking in the beauty of the water and "waves". It was so nice and calm, but almost too calm (no breeze). We started melting after eating some jalopenos with our smoked tuna dip and wearing jeans probably didn't help. Hehee. But it was great!

Jeff's dinner was grouper imperial with lump crab meat and a creamy sauce, with cheese grits. We both had a nice salad to start with.

My dinner was the grouper victoria with shrimp and scallops, tomato and green onions, and a white wine butter sauce with a baked potato on the side. YUM!!

Then after asking the waittress to take our picture and telling her it was Jeff's birthday she brought us this free of charge. It was some of the best keylime pie I ever had! And the plate looked so pretty too. I am a sucker for a pretty plated food.

After we ate we headed inside and cooled off a little before riding back to town. We popped into Starbucks for a nice cold frappacino and relaxed a bit. Then it was back on home where Karina was sound asleep in her bed, dad was asleep on the couch and mom was kicking back reading a magazine. There is something about having others feel so relaxed and at home in your home that just makes me happy! Knowing that they enjoyed themselves while watching their granddaughter made the night all the better. Thanks again mom and dad!

This last shot is for my cousin Maddy. No, I will never ride this bike by myself. This is all for show. But I bet I could fool someone with my whole get up ya think?

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Vroom vroom.....

Yes, this is my hubby's new toy. He turns 28 tomorrow and I guess you could call it an early birthday present. He got it for a great price after looking around and doing some research.

Now I know there are those of you out there that would never own a bike, never be with someone who owned a bike and if you did you would never climb on the back of one to go for a ride.

Well I am none of the above. I am really looking forward to my first ride tomorrow with my man to go to a great little beach restuarant for us to celebrate his birthday as well as a lot of hard work while he attended college and worked full time. So I guess it could be considered a graduation present and while were at it we might as well say an early Christmas present. That means I'm off the hook for finding a present right? :)

Well no matter how you look at it I know we will have fun taking the occasional ride together. And yes we will be extra safe. Jeff has already bought me a padded jacket, leather boots and a helmet to match his. So if you hear a little noise coming down your street peek out the window, it might be us out for a ride.

pool fun

fun with Uncle Dan

Last week we were blessed to spend some time with my sweet brother Danny. He and his wife live far away now so we don't see them that often. We are so excited for them too because they are going to be parents very soon! They both love Karina so much and I know they will be great parents to their sweet little boy. This pregnancy was long awaited so we are all praising God and know that He will use it to glorify Himself!

a precious gift

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

One VERY buggy birthday!!

Here are some more pictures from Karina's 3rd Birthday Garden Party.

Anyone who knows me well knows that I really enjoy making the decorations for parties. Whether it be a party I'm throwing or one I am able to help out with. But for some reason I just got so excited about finding all the goodies I did at the store including this cute banner.

I really had fun with this table. Jeff shredded the green paper for grass at his office and the flower is just pink tissue paper. The bugs or insects are from Dollar Tree and does anyone recognize the cooties from the game? I grew up with this game and loved it so I knew Karina would enjoy playing it after we used them for decorations.

Yep this little apron was from guess where...... Dollar Tree. But I did embroider Love Bug on it because that is my little nick name for her. I was going to have her wear it when eating her cake but forgot to put it on her.

Balloons from Dollar Tree. So cute!

I loved this idea of putting ice in this little wheel barrel. That was from Walmart and I knew Karina would use it like crazy too.

I bought these little bug kits for all the kids at the Dollar Tree. There were nine kids all together and they sure loved these. Those nine kids were all Karina's cousins and man does she love them. So it only seemed right to get a little something fun for them to all take home. We also played a game with them.

The game was a bug hunt. So I had fun going out on our back patio to hide all these little guys and let me tell you some weren't easy to find. They looked pretty real. I think little Claire was even unsure about picking up one of the little fake lizards as you can see in one of the pics.

Passing out the bug kits. All these little people are so fascinated with bugs you would have thought it was their birthdays.

I am explaining to them that they might want to use their little tweezers that came in their kit because some bugs can be yucky to touch. Man were they listening intently. Of course Caroline is looking at me like "crazy Aunt Kristie". I love it!

The little bug catchers..

Some of the older kids even found a few live bugs and insects.

Then we played one more game before heading inside for cake and presents. I had bought this big caterpillar float that I wanted to do something with. So we decided on red light, green light with the caterpillar as the finish line. But my clever sister in law suggested we call it "red bite, green bite" with the bug theme and all. the kids had a blast and it also made for a really good group picture.

I told them when I said red bite they had to act like they were getting bug bites. They were too funny doing this.

The guys of course just enjoyed lounging.

And then we had CAKE! This picture is out of order but I really wanted to put it in here. They all looked so cute chomping into their cupcakes.

Jeff and I are so blessed that God has seen fit to give us this precious little one and we only look forward to all the special moments to come as she grows into a little lady.

I love how Caroline is peaking over the cake in this next shot.

This little girl loves to dress up as you saw in the last post. So I thought it would be fun to get her some dress up things of her own. She has worn them every day since.

Now this picture I will explain lest you think she is a demon child. Jeff was trying to get her to turn the box around for a picture and she really wanted to look at what was inside. I don't know if she thought he was trying to take it away or what. But what a look!

She received lots of great things for her doll house that we got awhile back. We are both thrilled and have played dolls with the little family we got for her too. I will take some more pictures soon of all the great stuff.
After presents the kids all had a little fun in the pool. I think Jeff was a little nervous having that many kids in the pool, but I thought it was great and it's always a perfect way to get their energy out especially after cake.
Then they all settled down to watch a little bit of the movie, "A Bug's Life". Then we said our thank you's and goodbyes. We let this little one stay up to finish the movie and it cracked me up seeing Jeff and Karina vegging out.

On Monday we pulled out her gift from Nana and Pappy and boy did she have fun with it. I had never seen this before and after a good time and a little bit of a mess we moved on to the Cooties game.

And of course we are still enjoying the leftover cupcakes as you can see.

Monday was her actual birthday and so she got a sweet call from her Aunt Em and cousins Ethan and Caroline wishing her a happy birthday again. They sang to her and I'm not sure if she knew what to make of it since she had already had her birthday in her mind. Oh and today she told me we needed to take down the birthday sign that I had left up because her birthday was all done.

She also got a really sweet card in the mail from her great grandma Mama Hawkins and enjoyed reading that to me. It was so wonderful to celebrate this little girls life with her and our family. I know everyone says this but I can't believe it's already been three years. I won't say that I don't know where they have gone because they have been full and fun filled. God has blessed us in so many ways and we don't deserve all the joy she has brought to our lives.
It's not always easy and it has surely been character defining for me and Jeff as we walk this road of parenthood. I know that God has given her to us to enjoy but also to make us more like Him. And I pray that as she grows that God would use our lives and what we are able to teach her of Him to draw her close to His heart so that she may one day see that this life is all about Him and for His glory!!