Saturday, December 12, 2009

So cozy!

This is a Christmas gift I can't wait to give. I think I will make myself a cowl out of this lovely yarn. I love all the shades of blue and purple. It almost looks a little silver in the right lighting too. I so enjoyed knitting this with chunky yarn and large needles. It goes so fast! I am fixing to get started on another tomorrow and I know you will love the yarn for that one too! So happy crafting ladies and I hope you are enjoying all things Christmassy!!


emily said...

beautiful!! and i love how the lights are in the background of these pics. and i won't make fun of you for having n'sync playing on your blog. ok, i probably will make fun of you. ;)

nancygrayce said...

You are so talented! You and all your family, inlaws and all! That is a beautiful shawl? Not sure, but it's beautiful anyhow!