Thursday, December 10, 2009

OH So Christmassy!!!!

Well this has only taken me a few weeks to post. Hang in there it's a lot of pictures, but I wanted you to get the whole look of this place. Let me take you on a little tour now of a beautiful place we went to when visiting family at Thanksgiving. So here we go....

Stone Mountain Park

Our first stop after walking in the park.

Then we thought it best to take in this 4D show before the crowds showed up. It was really cool and even though Karina was very serious about NOT putting on the glasses I think she really enjoyed it.

This was a beautiful place during the day....

Our little lady loved walking all around and I loved that their wasn't a huge crowd so that we could let her.

Next we boarded the train for a fun ride through the woods.

They had Christmas music blasting and like a dork I sang aloud. Yes, Jeff kept his distance. :) And Karina just sang right along.

They had cars that were open air and then they had one closed in. We opted for the indoors since it was pretty chilly. Later that night we sat in one of these cars to better see the lights on both sides.

Then we were off to roam the shops.

We even took in a glass blowing demonstration. Thought this sign was funny.

I meant to include a picture here that would show where we were at this point. It is a huge barn that they have decked out with a kids play area. There are things to climb, "fruits" to gather (they are really different colored foam balls, tunnels to crawl in and slides to zoom down. Karina loved it and it was just what we needed at that time of day.

Pretty sad when your kid climbs on top of a nursing pig.

So here is the outside..

This was a really neat building where they had a nice gift shop and a small museum showing how and why Stone Mountain came to be. I'll let you go to to learn more.

Then it was time to meet the Snow Princess. Ever since we got home Karina has wanted to dress up and let her dolls sit with her for a picture like she is the snow princess. Cracks me up but I play along. Here she is waiting her turn.

Then it was back outside to run around and watch a great little play. It was a take off of Charles Dicken's "A Christmas Carol". But man did the characters make it funny!

Oh before we get to the play these were a couple other theaters that had shows going on, but we didn't time things right to get into them. I know we would've enjoyed them though so maybe next time.

Here are a couple shots from the hilarious play. I can't begin to do them justice. They did so well at adlibbing(sp?) and I was laughing the WHOLE time!

Jeff ran and got us some delicious coffee to have while we watched.

Then we went to watch a digitally animated and interactive show with this cute goat named Hilda. Jeff and I were a bit suprised to find that Hilda's voice was done by a man. We were kinda hoping the lady called in sick that day. :) But it was a really cute show and Karina thought it was so much fun. Can't you tell by the picture? No, really she did!

After that we had just enough time to catch the little, and I mean little, parade. It was cute, but there really wasn't much to it. I did want a picture of this guy though and didn't get a front shot but oh well.

Then we hopped back on the train to take in all the lights along the way. Close to the end they have this sweet little lady that tells the true meaning of Christmas with the full story of Christ and his birth. It was wonderful.

The park looked beautiful at night!

Well it was a wonderful day and we couldn't have had a better time. We are so blessed that we could go somewhere like this while at the same time getting to visit with dear family. Below is a glimpse of the guest suite Jeff's Uncle arranged for us to stay in their beautiful building.

After packing up and a couple hours of shopping literally a short walk from the building where we stayed we went out to a lovely lunch with Jeff's Aunt Pam. I sure do love talking with her and I hope we can do this all again sometime. Then we hit here before getting on the road.

As we drove away we said goodbye to the big city. We were ready to get home, but sad to leave at the same time. God gave us a gorgeous sky to enjoy and it was the perfect ending to a wonderful time.

Hope you all are enjoying sweet times with friends and family!!


Beth W. said...

aw, we love stone mountain! When we were dating we went to the glass blowing shop and they were doing a demonstration and asked the audience what we wanted to see. Kip said a fish, so the glassblower started making one and then asked me to pick the colors to use. I chose red, and it looked really cool. When it was finished we decided to buy it, and it's still one of the favorite things that we own!

Kim said...

We also love Stone Mountain, GA. Looks like some changes since the last time we went. We have camped there a few times when the kids were little and loved it. It is fun for Halloween! Love your pictures, looks like you all had a wonderful time. So many memories you are creating. Wonderful!

Heather said...

looks like home! I loved going to stone mnt. as a girl!!

martha - caknitter said...

Thank you for taking us along your trip. The last picture of the sky is beautiful.